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‘You bastards!’ Pop star fan of ‘Duck Dynasty’ bursts at liberal media criticism

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British pop star Liam Payne — under fire from gay rights activists for his open appreciation for the “Duck Dynasty” reality show and the family values it represents – exploded via twitter over the weekend at paparazzi dogging his stops over the controversy.

The 20-year-old Payne of One Direction fame (almost anyone who knows a female in her teens knows who that is) made what these days is the unforgivable error of actually liking the Robertson family of “Duck Dynasty” – even after the hullabaloo over patriarch Phil’s comments about homosexuality.

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Young Liam stirred up a hornet’s nest when he tweeted praise for the Robertson family in the face of the gay-rights world’s faux outrage over Phil Robertson’s remarks.

That drew a public rebuke from an Internet gay rights activist named Tyler Oakley …

… which in turn and stirred up heavy coverage of the contretemps in the celebrity press. Most of it slanted against the Englishman — and the Robertson values he was praising. And that just proved one thing conservatives already know. As one Twitter user put it ….

Over the weekend, the pop star burst, sending a series of tweets defending his own right to enjoy “Duck Dynasty’s” approach to family values. The paparazzi had pushed too far.

The Englishman’s support for the Robertson family values is laudable. But at some point he’s got to figure out that the “freedom of speech law” he’s talking isn’t universal — or even in his own country.

That kind of freedom is as American as Phil Robertson.

And England has its own “Dynasty” reality show.




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