Stubborn Juan Williams still can’t admit Hillary is responsible for Benghazi

Despite a bipartisan Senate Intelligence Committee’s report blaming the Benghazi tragedy on the State Department, liberals refuse to hold then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton responsible.

Fox News’ Brit Hume tweeted this Thursday:

“How her department, that she was head of, can be responsible for multiple failures in this thing, and she’s blameless,” Hume said on Fox News Sunday.

Fox News analyst Juan Williams defended Clinton.

“She’s not in charge of security,” Williams said. “You think she’s on the line for security?”

Hume shot back, pointing out that Clinton was the head of the agency.

“Is she ultimately responsible for what happens under her leadership in her department?” he said.

Williams agreed she was, but he insisted someone else headed up security measures, refusing to put any blame on Clinton’s shoulders.

“No one is ever held accountable for anything,” the Wall Street Journal’s Kim Strassel said of the administration. “If not Hillary Clinton, then who in the State Department can be held accountable?”

Watch the exchange here:

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