Juan Williams frowning
Stubborn Juan Williams still can’t admit Hillary is responsible for Benghazi

Despite a bipartisan Senate Intelligence Committee’s report blaming the Benghazi tragedy on the State Department, liberals refuse to hold then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton responsible. Fox News’ […]

Beyonce at the White House
Let them eat cake: Networks gush over Michelle Obama’s star-studded birthday bash

Michelle Obama’s 50th birthday bash went off without a hitch Saturday night, with a star-studded guest list topped off by performances from Beyoncé and John Legend. Predictably, […]

Florida Five: DWS in hot seat ducking press, Governor Scott proposes tax holiday

Good morning! The beginning of another week brings a new Florida Five, your top political stories from the sunshine state. Wasserman Schultz ducks Iran sanctions questions: Rep. Debbie […]

school funding 2
Florida Gov. Rick Scott proposes 10-day back-to-school sales tax holiday

Florida Gov. Rick Scott unveiled a proposed 10-day back-to-school sales tax holiday Friday. The proposal, detailed in Scott’s “It’s Your Money Tax Cut Budget” presentation, estimates that […]

Alex Sink
First poll shows Obamacare sinking Sink campaign

Call him a long shot, call him an underdog or call him crazy. But according to StPetePoll.org, little known David Jolly is up four points over Alex Sink in the Pinellas County special election […]