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Did Putin just take a shot at Obama’s excessive attention to golf?

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In a run up to the 2014 Olympic Winter Games, ABC News host George Stephanopoulos held a lengthy interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin, who appeared to take a pot shot at President Obama for playing golf as often as he does.

At last count, Obama has played at least 157 times since his initial inauguration in 2009, according to the White House Dossier.

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The interview aired Sunday and Stephanopoulos asked Putin: “Care to make a friendly bet with President Obama on which country’s going to win more medals, the U.S. or Russia?”

In a very Putin-esque manner, the Russian president replied:

“No, of course not. We never make such bets. Barack is a huge sports fan and I can see it. He is in terrific shape and gives it enough of his attention. Not just to playing sports, but also to promoting sports. “

While Putin didn’t mention the game of golf, it’s not hard to envision his intent when you consider his unique sense of humor.

He did go on to “wish success to our U.S. friends, U.S. athletes.”

“As far as medals, those too are an important element of any sports even, including Olympics,” he added. “What is even more important to me is to see that our national team is capable, effective and holds promise.”

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