Watch: Common Core instructs educators to teach ‘all right wing extremist groups’ are fascist

Hillsdale professor Terrance Moore claims that Common Core instructs educators to teach that all right-wing extremist groups are fascist.

In an exclusive interview with The Daily Caller, Moore cautioned that parents need to be aware of not only the reading lists and course materials associated with the controversial educational initiative, but also with the teaching notes and standard curriculum that are part of the package.

The author of Story Killers: A Common Sense Case Against Common Core,” highlights Mary Shelly’s classic novel “Frankenstein,” adding that a class may be asked to dress up as the grotesque creature.

Rush Limbaugh’s gatekeeper, ‘Snerdley,’ opens up

“Why? Because monsters are never properly understood,” Moore explained. “So to figure out what it means to be a monster you have to put yourself in the monster’s shoes. I’m not making this up.”

Moore points out that a leading text book includes a Saturday Night Live skit on Frankenstein, where a comment about his green skin prompts Frankenstein to say: “Oh, so this is a race thing? What are you guys? A bunch of fascists?”

In pointing to the teaching standards and notes, he then said:

“In the margin of the teachers edition, the teacher is instructed to explain the term ‘fascist’ to the students and to point out that the term ‘fascist’ is now applied to all right-wing extremist groups.”

[5 1/2 minute mark of video]

Yep, no political slant here.

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549 thoughts on “Watch: Common Core instructs educators to teach ‘all right wing extremist groups’ are fascist

  1. joboro says:

    Fascists are exactly what the common core authors are. To accuse the “right” of being fascist is the left’s psychotic projection. Fascists believe in government regulation to the point of ownership without the responsibility.

    1. SpeakTruth says:

      It said the extreme right wing. Do conservatives consider themselves extremists? If not, then they are not labeled fascists. The definition of fascism is right wing extremism! Maybe there are other things about Common Core that you don’t like, but History and Government textbooks from 30 years ago define fascism the same way that this article says Common Core does.

      1. older-woman says:

        I encourage you to use the online dictionary before you post.

        1. SpeakTruth says:

          Yes, ma’am, I did. I also read various other sources before I posted. There are additional definitions and characteristics of fascism to be sure, but my point was this: Common Core did not refer to conservatives nor Republicans as fascists. As I am both conservative and a life-long Republican, I would have been insulted and outraged if that had been the case.

      2. Rhonda Hair says:

        Definition of “fascist”, courtesy of the Merriam-Webster dictionary: :” a way of organizing a society in which a government ruled by a dictator controls the lives of the people and in which people are not allowed to disagree with the government”
        The Common Core authors, as well as most liberals and progressives, are the ones promoting this type of system , yet they consider groups who promote individual liberty and RESPONSIBILITY as “right wing extremists”. That’s the problem I see.

        1. SpeakTruth says:

          That definition is the definition of fascism as well as the one to which I referred, compliments to the online dictionary and wiki. Fascism is on the far right of the political spectrum. My issue is that from what this article says, conservatives nor Republicans were called either right wing extremists nor fascists. Maybe Common Core does refer to them that way, but this article did not say that.

    2. pineapple says:

      Like Benito Mussolini did in Italy during WII. (He was hanged for what he did)

  2. 9400budlang8406 says:

    This reminds me more and more of how Hitler changed the thinking of an entire nation. Change the thinking of the children and you can control the next generation.

    1. Redbullisyummy says:

      Changing the thinking of an entire nation is the reason women can vote today. Reading is fun.

      1. 9400budlang8406 says:

        Of course reading is fun but you know I wasn’t talking about that sort of thing. Hitler wanted to raise up a master race who would be rulers. He bent young minds toward hatred of an entire race of people. I’m not saying all our leaders think this way but many would like change or control our classrooms and subject matter in a way favorable to their future political agenda and positions of power. And that is what Hitler did.

        1. Redbullisyummy says:

          Right hitler was an evil fascist bastard, everyone concurs. However what does a post about hitler have anything to do with the article above?

          1. 9400budlang8406 says:

            The article was about curriculum and how it was being misused to teach political ideology. I spent a lot of my life in the classroom and knew history teachers who made the same observation about some of the new curriculums that were being written. I was making a comparison with what Hitler did in relation to what is going on today. He wanted to educate the children of his day and supply a curriculum that would indoctrinate them towards his political and social ideologies. We have writers who still know that if they can influence the very young you can easily lead them to ideologies that are often very wrong. Some of that is going on by text book writers today. Now do you get the connection?

          2. SpeakTruth says:

            Textbooks and teachers were certainly biased when I was in public school in the 70’s and 80’s. I am sure before that as well, at least in the south. My HS history class called the Civil War the War of Northern Aggression. We were required to have a 6 week class on Communism and it’s dangers. We had to pray every morning after the Pledge. (The majority of Republicans would probably see nothing wrong with this, BTW.) Bias has always entered the classroom. But, if you read about fascism in the online encyclopedia or read all of the definitions in the online dictionary, they refer to right wing extremist groups as either fascist or neofascist. Yes, there are certain socialistic aspects of some fascist governments in history. But, these extremist organizations in our country like White Supremacists, share characteristics: racism, neo-natzism, anti-semitism, xenophobia, and an opposition to immigration, and many are violent and dehumanize the groups of people they hate. These are characteristics of fascism. I AM NOT SAYING that A racist, or A person opposed to immigration, etc. is a fascist. As a matter of fact, I would bet that members of these organizations don’t vote or certainly would not consider themselves Republicans or Democrats. These are not characteristics of the Tea Party, conservatives, or Republicans. So, why the outcry?
            There are other issues with Common Core that may be bad, but this just seems like people looking for offense when none is there.

          3. 9400budlang8406 says:

            All good points. I just never knew many high school students that would dig in that deep to tell the difference. They would draw conclusions from what seemed most obvious at the moment and so are easily led.

          4. SpeakTruth says:

            Your point is excellent. I have to admit that my children go to private school, so I haven’t done a ton of research on Common Core. I can certainly see some benefits to a national set of standards, in theory. Families are much more mobile than they used to be, so when children move from state to state, they would generally be where the other children are academically. It would make it easier to make an accurate comparison with other countries. Additionally, the material I have read claims the curriculum would focus more on critical thinking than memorization and some “outdated” lessons would be replaced, i.e. cursive writing with more technical skills. Each state can modify the curriculum (My state, FL added cursive and modified/added/subtracted almost 100 other things).
            Conversely, some states like FL have many ESL (English as a second language) students and a national set of standards might not take each state’s special needs and culture into account. Also, the cost to implement the infrastructure is enormous. Millions of dollars are being bid on contracts to write/implement/grade the standardized test. In my opinion, the best, most effective place to spend money is on teachers’ pay. Also, make the education degree more rigorous, weeding out the mediocre. Then we would attract highly qualified people into the teaching field. Let the principals appraise the teachers based on their effectiveness instead of a government agency looking at testing statistics.
            There are probably several more really important things to argue about with Common Core. But when something like the fascism issue gets people so inflamed, the bigger issues are lost and “the powers that be” might just roll their eyes instead of listen. (Much like the death panels and the Affordable Care Act. People got so fired up over that nonsense that other valid points were lost.)
            All of this is, of course, my humble opinion. And I thank you for your polite response to my post.

  3. Rhonda Hair says:

    I think the discussion here, and the point of the article, is that the common core agenda singles out ‘right wing extremists’ (and I’d like to see their definition; I suspect it unjustifiably includes the Tea Party) while completely ignoring ‘left wing extremists’.

    1. SpeakTruth says:

      I agree with you, Rhonda. My only question is whether Common Core left out left wing extremists or if this particular professor chose not to mention them. It would be interesting to see if any particular organizations are singled out in the Common Core curriculum.

      1. Redbullisyummy says:

        What political left wing extremists groups most concern you?

        1. SpeakTruth says:

          None. I can’t think of any left wing extremist groups that have been active since the Cold War ended. But if Common Core is teaching about fascism and right wing extremist groups, I would expect Commumusm and left wing extremist groups, socialism, liberalism, etc. to be mentioned somewhere in the curriculum as well. Not necessarily together in a lesson, however.
          I really wish I understood the fury over this article. The vast majority of conservatives are not In these groups. Unless they have latched on to “right wing” which is often used to describe the evangelical Christians. But extremist is the defining word.

          1. Redbullisyummy says:

            2 seconds ago you said that you can’t think of any extreme left wing extremist groups and then you said common core should mention left wing extremist groups who don’t exist? Interesting.

          2. SpeakTruth says:

            Teach what left wing extremist groups are, when and where they existed, and why they are not a current threat. Perhaps give examples of each in history, etc. There was a time when US citizens worried about those groups. Most of that was a little before my time, but I certainly remember the USSR being a “villain”. So I would not expect left wing extremists to be mentioned as a current event or threat.

        2. Bouncerquinn says:

          The mainstream media are left wing extremist. You ever watch any of their newscast? They lie, point blame and obscure the true facts. Ad yes it is a conspiracy. George Soros is a left wing extremist and controls many media outlets, as well as magazines.
          Code Pink is extreme left wing, SLA is, as is the New Black Panthers, but of course people on here trashing the TEA Party that they know nothing about, can’t think of any extreme left wing groups. But I can name a few more, the KKK, Aryan Brotherhood, New Socialist Party of America, BLT, Nation of Islam(once again a left wing org., that is taught to the public as right wing), Skin heads and Queer Nation. There are many more.
          But back to the TEA Party, no violence has ever been attributed to the TEA Party. CNN, showed a protest in California and announced that it was a TEA Party rally. They showed people sreaming “we are taking our country back”, one man dressed in Western wear brandishing a pistol. Nazi signs and a few racist shouts from the crowd. They showed it a few times. When it came out that it was a Code Pink rally, with a Democratic Senator as one of the speakers, there was no more showing of this clip, no retraction and no apology from the network.
          But that is pretty typical from our left wing media.
          That guy at Ruby Ridge was listed as a white supremist by the AP. No fact check there. They got it wrong. He was white and was a survivalist. No correction and no apology. And the left never did mention that he was a registered democrat.

          1. Redbullisyummy says:

            Rupert Murdoch owns Fox News though. Is Fox News not part of the mainstream media? It has millions of viewers so it’s pretty mainstream. Is the KKK liberal or conservative?

    2. Redbullisyummy says:

      The tea party sympathizes with the Taliban though. They both hate gays and they both want to restrict a woman’s reproductive rights. Definitely extremists.

      1. Rhonda Hair says:

        Wow. No wonder you think the tea part is extreme. One problem: they are a group that takes the threat from the Taliban most seriously. Maybe you don’t know, but hating a person or group, and disagreeing with their CHOICES, are not the same thing. And noticing that some actions have natural consequences is not hate or discrimination. It’s discernment and recognizing ‘the law of the harvest’.

        I love people for themselves and what they can each add, but I am opposed to some of their choices. That’s not hate. Nobody I know of in the tea party is in favor of stoning gays. Taliban members are. Does this sound like the two groups sympathize with each other?

        I’m not opposed to a woman’s right to reproduce or to decide when she is ready for children. I AM opposed to her killing another individual, no matter the size. And this is restricting reproductive rights?

        1. Redbullisyummy says:

          Yes in both instances. If you are opposed to the constitutional rights of 2 gay men marrying and a woman having a right to abort a child then you will vote for political candidates who will restrict their rights in both instances. So yes in both cases you are restricting constitutional rights guaranteed by the 4th and 14th amendment. You asked an excellent question in a respectful fashion, thank you for that.

          1. Rhonda Hair says:

            You’re welcome. I try to recognize the humanity and contributions of all.

            Did you really mean to reference the 4th and 14th amendments? How is the right to be free from warrantless search related? In addition, if anything, the 14th amendment should clarify the unborn child’s right to life. You even listed the two people involved as separate: “woman” and “child”.

            What you are claiming as constitutional rights are wants. Wants are not rights. Marriage is and always has been, a God-defined institution between a man and a woman. You may possibly have a right to a civil union as gays, but it cannot, by true definition, be marriage.

          2. SpeakTruth says:

            I don’t think the Bible, thus God, specifically defines marriage between one man and one woman. There are examples of such, but there are examples of one man and multiple wives. But, it is irrelevant in any case, because in this country, marriage is a legal contract as well. With marriage comes legal rights and benefits denied to the unmarried. So, for you and I to have a right to marry anyone we choose (and is of legal age to consent), and for another citizen to be denied that right is wrong. They are also denied all of the rights derived from that marriage.

      2. LMW51 says:

        Propaganda alert.

        Redbullisyummy is writing again.

  4. JHorvathJr says:

    CC is brainwashing, all that is left to Leftists. I remind everyone that the KKK wqas founded by Democrats in Pulaski TN to overthrow ‘liberal’ carpetbaggers whose only goal was to take money from the poor.
    Mein Kampf. Hitler says. “Because the masses have limited understanding we must reduce education to a few truths which we wish them to believe.
    CC=.Hitler’s method of education.

    1. Redbullisyummy says:

      So are you saying that the KKK was a conservative organization?

      1. JHorvathJr says:

        the KKK is and always has been an arm of the Democratic Party, from its establishment in Pulaski TN to Byrd a Dem senator from WV who during the 1970s and 80s held powerful positions in the Democratic Party. He had been a “Grand Cyclops” of his local KKK group, never left it or his Democratic party affiliations.t is a liberal lie that it is Republican and Conservative. Te facts are the facts. Lookup “Ku Lux Klan in Governemnt” wikipedia or Senaor Robert C. Byrd’s autobiography. Democrats also made Federal judges of KKK members into the late 80s. It’s a waste to try toshow evidence to a liberals none of them ar apable of getig beyond the brainwashing they get.
        History shows that both the carpetbagger and the Democratsduring reconstruction moved blacks out of the south, burned homes and businesses of Blacks, segregated the schools, and controlled black voting into the 1980s.

        1. Redbullisyummy says:

          I did not ask you about party affiliation. I asked you if the KKK was a conservative organization.

          1. JHorvathJr says:

            Nice trick with double talk. KKK says it is “conservative” in the sense of preseervng white supremacy. That use of the word has nothingto do with politics or Conservatism.

          2. Redbullisyummy says:

            So then we concur that the KKK is a conservative organization. Today they’d be rush Limbaugh listeners while still cashing welfare checks probably somewhere in Alabama.

          3. LMW51 says:

            And there it is! Redbull thinks he led everyone into admitting that if the KKK were around today, they would all be Republicans.

            More of his propaganda spewing.

          4. Bouncerquinn says:

            The KKK is a left wing organization. The left teaches that they are right wing extremist. See, they are so far left, that they are right. Same with the Aryan Brotherhood, the Baldies and mst other extremist groups.
            It is argues by others on here that fascism is right wing. It is not, it is taught that it is right wing by the left!!

          5. Redbullisyummy says:

            What extremist groups are right wing?

          6. Bouncerquinn says:

            According to the left wing media all of them. They call the TEA Party and The Minute Men, extremist. I haven’t seen anything extreme from either group. There are a few others, but like I said, I haven’t seen what is extreme about them. I’ve seen some that are extremely religious, but anything that goes against left doctrine is considered right wing extremism over there!!

          7. LMW51 says:

            Ah, red…here you are again. Agitating.

            You want to ignore that the KKK was a Democrat organization to focus in on the word “conservative” so that you can make the propaganda point that the parties have changed positions.

            Nice try.

    1. Redbullisyummy says:

      Post your original thoughts on that link otherwise you are just spamming.

    2. SpeakTruth says:

      Well, on this very site, bizpac, on the Florida News is the headline “Florida Announces Proposed Changes to Controversial Common Core”. Florida, governed by Republican Governor Rick Scott, and Republican controlled House and Senate.
      Gov. Scott is mostly famous for fighting the Affordable Care Act all the way to the US Supreme Court. He opted out of the Medicaid expansion portion of the bill even though the states were “bribed” with federal money then.
      But, I will read your suggested source.

      1. Bouncerquinn says:

        Note that you show the statement Florida announces proposed changes. They can propose all they want, that doesn’t mean they can. It would have to be approved. If not approved, they would have the choice to drop it and not take the funding. Jeb Bush is the main reason CC has went to Florida, but I don’t consider Jeb Bush conservative, most of us consider him progressive, which = Hillary. We haven’t had a true conservative run for the white house since 1980’s
        Bob Dole isn’t conservative in my opinion.

        1. SpeakTruth says:

          First of all, I want to thank you for the civility of your post. I know many would disagree, but I actually learn things from some posters. It is when the President and First Lady are call vicious racial names, or baseless ignorant comments are made that the credibility of the poster is lost. So, thank you.
          I agree about the “proposed” changes, however, it is my understanding that Florida Board of Education is who will approve or deny the changes.
          I did not realize Jeb Bush was not considered a conservative. As governor, (I voted for him twice) he was known as the education governor and instituted many huge changes to the system. So, I guess he will not be getting conservative support if he runs for President?

          1. Bouncerquinn says:

            About Jeb Bush not being conservative, that is my opinion, along with pundits like Mark Levin and Glen Beck. I personally think Beck is a little eccentric, some probably think Levin is, but they are both on radio and do some TV, so they also are in the entertainment business and sometimes are a little over the top.
            As far as Beck goes I rarely listen to him, but I check up on the things these guys espouse and have speed read some of the books they point to for information. Most of what they share is accurate, sometimes with a twist.
            But, Beck has pointed out things that I think are telling. On the other hand he has been preaching the escalation of the price of gold for 8 years and win it happened, it’s I told you so, but I have a friend who had been hording gold since the late 70′ and early 80’s. He always said the same thing, although hended up living off of his gold for a long time and in my opinion, lost money as compared to what the market would of brought. Even CD’s were returning a handsome return for a long stretch. This guy was a devout socialist, who was from an eastern block nation. He got here in the 60’s
            Many are saying George W. Bush is a progressive now. I never voted for him, because I didn’t trust his father. H.W. preached family values and then gave his son Neil, Presidential Privilege, to get him out of charges in the Silverado S&L scandal. George W. went to war over a terrorist attack (9/11), but after bombing Afghanistan, went into Iraq. The plan was hatched in an apartment building in Hamberg, Germany and carried out by Saudi’s. I still don’t understand why we didn’t bomb Hamburg and send troops into Saudi Arabia.
            Well I do, but it’s certainly not based on conservative values.
            Most of our politicians are members of groups, that are linked to a NWO. H.W. even spoke about it and didn’t hide the fact that he thought that was the right path. Which basically would end in the U.S. giving up our sovereignity to international law.
            Anyone, who realizes we struggle with our split on running our own republic, would shudder to think what may happen if we fell prey to that idea. Our women would all be wearing burkhas, before you know it.
            Not even Ronald Reagan followed our constitution to the letter. His AG made decisions on their personal ideology rather than wording. We are in the midst of a constitutional crisis, but it’s not just Obama. It’s Bush, Clinton and leadership in Congress. It has been a mess for more than a century. That has to do with progressives wanting to create their own liberal utopia.
            While socialism has failed everywhere else, as have most forms of government, they all believe it can be successful here, because of how we came to be and remained successful. But, the fact is they have to destroy this country to make it into their paradise and then it will never happen, because the idea has been destroyed. And that is what made this country great. The idea of freedom to to build what you dream, to worship or to not worship how you choose and to be free of other men’s burdens. Unfortunately, we are not free of other men’s burdens any longer and haven’t been for just over 100 years.

          2. SpeakTruth says:

            We don’t watch TV much at all. The news channels have all gone to entertainment. The panel shows make me scream. It is like watching a Jerry Springer show. My husband and I surf the net and read a couple of newspapers in the morning. I am probably one of those liberals you are describing, but really just on the social issues. We are very fiscally conservative and believe in personal responsibility. We own a software company and employee about 120 people. We have been extremely successful, but both of us put ourselves through school. He, with the GI Bill, and me, with scholarships and work. Neither of us had student loans, nor did we graduate with a degree that was not marketable. But, for us, the Republican Party has gotten way too focused on Christianity/religion. Almost every republican candidate or politician competes with each other on how Christian they are. I am a social liberal (or pure conservative depending on how you look at it). The GOP lost me a few years ago and my husband and I were big contributors and we both have actively worked on campaigns. Listening to some of the candidates debate (both local and national), and flaunt their religious beliefs and their patriotic fervor was nauseating. That has become the most important personal characteristic instead of managerial skill, or financial and economic expertice, or foreign policy knowledge. The next most important thing is to be loyal to the money. I call out the Republican Party because it is my own party and I am so angry. However, I am in no way saying the Democratic Party is the way. They do not offend my atheistic views, but are not aligned with my fiscal beliefs.

          3. Bouncerquinn says:

            No you aren’t one of those liberals I talk about. My issue is ith politicians, who claim to be conservative from either party and prove they are not. The GOP leadership is failing because many don’t believe what they claim to. You don’t campaign on certain issues and hold a strongly conservative view and then back off on it. George W. was certainly not fiscally conservative, he was socially, but didn’t practice what he preaches. Every single politician that holds him or herself up as a beacon of light to the religous right is playing with fire, because none of them can maintain the standards they profess.
            The TEA Party however are mostly conservative on all issues, but they aren’t anti-gay as the left paints them. They are pro-marriage as between a man and a woman, but I’ve not known one to hate gays. The left have enough media control to paint the picture the way they want it. I don’t care much about the issue, it is just tiresome. But, I do understand the rights concern about the family culture being changed in the way that it is.

          4. SpeakTruth says:

            The coming elections will prove interesting if not a little depressing. I wish I could understand the rights’ concern about the changing family culture. Of course I respect their concern, because it does seem sincere. I just know many decent caring people in the gay community who want desperately to be able to marry their partner. I know others disagree, but to me, it is a civil rights issue. You have got me questioning Common Core, however. I do not believe the Progressive takeover part, but do question the cost, effectiveness, and I hate teaching to the test. As it stands, Florida teachers are inundated with forms documenting every little skill. So, I plan to research it more thoroughly. I still disagree about the fascism statement, but I appreciate our discussion and look forward to your future postings.

          5. Bouncerquinn says:

            On the gay marriage issue, most people I know, conservative and even liberals, would have no problem with benefits and a civil union, but they don’t like being forced to openly accept gay marriage in their churches, when they believe their Bible tells them that marriage is between a man and a woman. They don’t want their children being force fed that this is normal behavior in the schools, when it clearly doesn’t seem natural. I’m perfectly okay with people living the way they want, but I don’t see homosexual behavior as normal and most homosexuals don’t seem to believe that it is normal either. Where I grew up, we had a very feminine male whom everyone assumed to be gay. He was a younger step-brother to a couple of friends of mine. Nobody picked on him, because we would pound them if they did so. But they believe he was they way because he was repeatedly raped by his biological father. It’s gross, but it happens. Little Richard, the musician, he was raped repeatedly by his uncle, beginning when he was 7 or 8 years old. He begged his mother not to drop him off at his uncle’s house when she went out, but she wouldn’t believe him. He doesn’t believe he was born gay. And he actually may not be gay, but he lived a gay lifestyle. A 16 year old student was seduced into a gay relationship by his gay counselor, who convinced him that he was gay, so he could have a relationship with this young man(in California). The kid later realized that the problems he was suffering was from depression and he was basically raped.
            California law has banned psychiatrist from using therapy to get gays to revert to heterosexual lifestyles. Because the LGBT, lobby was up in arms over it. But, while many gays are born that way, the truth is many children have been indoctrinated into being gay. There is science behind that, but it is being stifled by the power progressives. Why would they do that? Because it helps their cause to control the country into becoming the socialized state, that they want so badly.
            We need to quit letting groups add all these things to elementary education. There is no place for it. To teach tolerance is one thing, but to teach children an ideology is wrong. That takes away from diversity, which is what the Nazi’s did.
            Absolute power corrupts absolutely. and when the Progressives attain the power they seek, they will turn on the people that they used to get it. Just like in Russia, Italy, Germany, China and Japan. And is happening now in many Central and South American countries.

            Hitler believed in a one world order and so does H.W. Bush, Clinton, Obama and many others. Kathleen Sebilius attended the meetings in Nuremberg, Germany in 2010. She said that the meetings were private, when asked what was dicussed. You see , only elitist politicos that share this ideology are allowed. You can get an agenda, but what goes on in those meetings is largely unavailable to the masses. And here she is the Secretary of Health and Human Services. She is in charge of the ACA.
            Their stated goal is a one world order, with one political party, one religion one currency and to make this world healthier and disease free, with no medical hardships and such.

            Just how do they propose to do this?

            Most of what is known about the Nuremberg Forum(the 11th Forum is this year) is that they wish to sterilize worthless people. Euthanasia for people that the politicians see as to old, feeble, crippled and mentally challenged. I’ve heard people preaching about this in the 70’s. How glorious it would be.

            If you google Nuremberg Forum, you will find plenty to read. It is basically written off as a conspiracy theory, but if that’s all it is, why do select individuals from around the world get invited. And it’s usually people involved in left wing politics such as Spenderella, my radio name for Sebilius. Basically, the site may steer you to some books on the matter, but it would be best to get a referral from a Professor of the Liberal Arts from a liberal college, if you want to learn about it. And I guess that’s assuming that you don’t already know.

      2. Bouncerquinn says:

        Your point on how they speak og the FLOTUS, is well taken. I felt the same way in the 70’s when the the left of the talk media trashed Nancy Reagan. Didn’t know a thing about her, just knew it wasn’t right to trash talk a woman like that. Betty Ford was being trashed. She did rehab and started the Betty Ford clinic, shut up he demonizers.
        A friend of mine ran a vetenarian clinic, he considered it the Democratic headquarters in the most conservative county in my state. In 2008 he asked me who I liked on the Dem side. I told him, that at their kick-off when they were all giving speeches that the lady blew them all off of the stage. That she came across as smarter, more confident and more inspirational than the other speakers. He said, “so you really like Hillary huh.” I said “No I’m talking about Michelle Obama.” And I meant it. She hasn’t looked so sharp in the way she handled a couple of situations, but she is in a tough position. I still disagree with her ideology, but think that she would have made a better POTUS than her husband. I do think that they are putting on a show of excess with the situation the country is in and perception is what matters. But, I don’t think people should be disrespectful to the first couple. Whether the otherside has been disrespectful or not. But what drives these people to behave like that is that the MSM is so onesided and shoves it in their faces. It’s intended to evoke bad behavior from the right so they can say I told you so. But a few clowns on a social media site in addition to one or two pundits that can’t control their emotions isn’t going to turn the tables.

        1. SpeakTruth says:

          Agreed. I do get disheartened when I see a self-professed white supremacist get several “likes” to his post, but you are right. And for the record, I defended Laura Bush and Hillary Clinton as well. Barbara Bush didn’t need much defense, and Nancy Reagan was a blip on my radar as I was having a great time in college and still too self absorbed to worry about the First Lady.

    3. SpeakTruth says:

      Just read much of your recommended source. Perhaps the reason Florida so readily adopted common core is because we have had a fairly rigid testing philosophy for several years already. Jeb Bush implemented the FCAT grading system where teachers and schools were graded based on how their students performed on the FCAT. The higher graded teachers and schools are monetarily rewarded. Our teachers have been teaching to the test for several years. That is the number one reason our children go to private school. They still take a standardized test every year, but it is only used to measure whether they mastered the material and to compare our students to the national average, and to see if any changes should be made in the curriculum.
      In Jeb’s defense, many of our schools were failing and SOMETHING needed to change. He also supported vouchers for students of failing schools to use for private schools or they could get a waiver to move to a higher performing school. The vast majority of teachers hate this system, unless they happen to work in a school where the students are middle to upper class and consistently score well.

      1. LMW51 says:

        SpeakTruth, the CC standards are LESS than the ones Florida had in place.

        My son, a senior this year, was on track to take a “higher” math to graduate. This track was put in place in 9th grade. He successfully followed the plan laid out for him (engineering track) and suddenly, he is placed in a “new” class not offered prior to 2011. This class? Not a higher math, a review of math. And his placement in that class was NOT because of his GPA, he is an Honor was because of FCAT scores.

        That is why parents in Florida are rising up against Common Core. It will place kids on tracks based upon standardized testing and not on their actual ability in any course of study.

        CC readily admits it is “building the global workforce”.

        1. SpeakTruth says:

          Wow. That is terrible. Standardized tests should only be side as one of several ways to track a student’s progress and comparative purposes. The FCAT sounds more rigorous than CC, but the way FCAT is used undermines the education of the students. Why would a good teacher want to teach is a low income area? High income area school where students consistently score higher are financially rewarded. This is silly. Is it that difficult for a principal to appraise his or her teachers based on classroom monitoring, occasional one on one conversations, effort, effectiveness, being on time, etc? My husband does those things with his 120 employees and can easily tell who deserves raises and who deserves to be let go. Schools schools should be judged in a similar manner. In my children’s private school, a teacher or principal can decide to slide a student such as your son to a higher math class, skip a grade, etc. Curriculum can be changed mid year. My 9th grade son is taking Spanish 3 with seniors. I say these things not to gloat, but to show that it can’t be that hard to appraise students, teachers, and schools without standardized test data.
          By the way, I have not been able to edit my posts for 2 days. Disqus hasn’t allowed me to move my curser. So please excuse my errors.

  5. AnnaGraceS says:

    The dumbing down of our American children so they won’t be able to compete in not only the United States, but, the world. Only the elites will be able to afford private schools to educate their children! To teach them to THINK that has always been the job of the teacher!! Well if the poor are codependent with Big Brother for everything the middle classes will disappear. The progressives win. Dear God, then we become a third world country and there really will be a Late Great United States of America! Wake up people and pay attention to what is happening in our country right before our eyes!! COMMON CORE IS EVIL PERIOD!! NOT GOOD FOR OUR CHILDREN!!

  6. Marilyn Z says:

    I live in Texas where Common Core has been outlawed, thankfully, but I am very concerned about the rest of the country allowing this into their schools.

    What are the school boards of those states thinking? OR ARE THEY? Are they of the generation who just goes with the flow and never questions what is being done to them?

    Do we really want an electorate that is unable to think critically or logically?

    When I was in high school about 55 years ago (California), we had a class called Logic and Statistics for one six-week period and although logic was being taught at home….woe be unto any child at our dinner table who was not logical during the supper discourse…this class proved to be of great value as I moved on through life. I loved that class. Wonder if they teach it any more?

    Parents, if I had a child whose state was using this nightmarish curriculum, I would make the state board of education regret they were so negligent and I would keep after them until someone listened. When I think, at my last count, that 45 of our states are using it, I am STUNNED at the ignorance out there.

    BTW, please note, that the Saudis are chipping in for this curriculum. Do you honestly think they are doing it out of the goodness of their hearts? If so, you are living in a fool’s paradise.

  7. edinvestor1 says:

    Of course they also teach that anyone right of center left IS a right wing extremist. So, therefore, our kids are taught that anyone but leftists are fascist.

    1. Rhonda Hair says:

      Ironic, isn’t it?

  8. Apostle Rubie James says:

    Terrance Moore makes a lot of sense to me…From my experiences of school or should I say lack of teaching when I attended school, he “hit the nail on the head”! Truth is not being taught in Schools, particularly true history.

    1. Redbullisyummy says:

      Terrance Moore was not smart enough to teach at a real university so some Rinky dink school named hillsdale college hired him.

      1. LMW51 says:

        Hello again Redbullisyummy….nice to see you are still trying to push all that propaganda you have swallowed.

        Hillsdale College was rated 196th out of 650 college by Forbes (33rd in the Midwest and 4th in the state of Michigan) so not quite the “rinky dink” school you’d like others too lazy to investigate your comment to think.

        Hillsdale also has always had (since 1844) a non-discrimination policy; in the 1956 Tangerine Bowl, it football team refused to play when the Bowl’s committee refused to let African American’s join the White players on the field. They followed this by stating that affirmative action was “racist” and withdrew from the federal assistance that required the application process be based upon race rather than academic qualifications so that they can accept only the most qualified students – regardless of race, ethnicity, or nationality into their classes. In fact, today the college doesn’t even accept state aid instead matching students needs with 100% private donations and endowments (charity in other words). Oh and yes, it is a “conservative” school…aren’t the Conservatives supposed to be “greedy” and “evil” and not give to charity and only want to use the Federal and Local governments when it benefits only themselves? Makes one think a bit doesn’t it? At least those capable of reason.

        But not those liberal/progressive/socialist/democrats….oh no, despite the history of the college and its non racial stance and its enabling of any student with the academic qualifications to attend through donations and endowments; and despite the fact that they don’t keep records on “race” and despite the fact that they don’t accept state or federal money…”activists” (really just agitators like you) stood on the campus with a clipboard looking for an appropriate number of “minority” students and then filed suit claiming the school was not “diverse” enough.

        Ah, but don’t you worry your little head about any of that…just keep on agitating.

  9. This is enough to make me go back to an Independent or become apolitical as I cannot stand the polarization our society is experiencing due to partisanship and fear. Common core standards are what we used to call the Kansas Standard, or the Iowa test standard, and yes, I have heard people call others fascists and even Nazis. and yet others are calling others “communists and socialists.” It is ironic as all fascists and communists were SOCIALISTS who followed Marx is some form or other. We capitalists want to teach ALL children history, language, math and science from early on… and we need to have some standards or else what if some child misses a year of skills and knowledge due to moving from state to state? Come on, let’s stop attacking each other and calling each other names and just teach history, literature, math, science and all the new and exciting stuff that comes as interdisciplinary among these. Some of the most widely educated people I know chose to be plumbers and electricians. They earn more than lawyers. There are always differing theories! There have always been ideological teachers who teach according to their philosophy of life since the beginning of scholarship. It is called academic freedom. I recall my own father warning me if I brought anything higher than a C+ from a an avowed Marxist, I could pay my own tuition! It was his joke.

    And may differences always exist and even thrive as students are smart enough to choose among all the ideologies and still learn to choose their own way. I choose not to teach my ideology as an existentialist as I doubt I have any ideology other than a primal faith in God, that something bigger and better than all of us is out there. Beyond that, I know nothing “for sure,” and even that faith is a leap of faith. Ideological differences have triggered wars and famine. But if that is way people want to live, let them live. I am more fearful of those who marginalize anyone.

    1. LMW51 says:

      I must ask, have you been paying attention to just what Common Core?

      This should be a bi-partisan fight against these “new” standards and I have to say that anyone who says that we need to “allow standards” has no idea what is going on.

      There is plenty of information out there on the internet about the fight that parents, teachers, child psychologists and others FROM BOTH sides of the political aisle are fighting against.

      Common Core LOWERS the standards already set in most states – including Florida’s. The proponents claim it is to graduate “Career and College Ready” students yet the very standards they are using will NOT get a student into anything but a technical or community college.

      You need to do some research into this my friend and not simply look the other way because you support “standards”.

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