Transgender woman waves rock, prods councilman to stone her over his ‘Biblical’ vote


A transgendered woman livened up a city council meeting in Shreveport, La., when she displayed a large rock, daring a councilman to use it to stone her.

Pamela Raintree‘s theatrics was in response to the efforts of councilman Ron Webb to repeal a recently passed non-discrimination ordinance geared toward sexual orientation and gender identity, according to the Advocate.

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Webb was the only dissenting vote. According to the local TV station KSLA, he said at the time, “The Bible tells you homosexuals are an abomination.”

“Leviticus 20:13 states, ‘If a man also lie with mankind as he lieth with a woman, they shall surely put him to death,'” Raintree said. “I brought the first stone, Mr. Webb, in case that your Bible talk isn’t just a smoke screen for personal prejudices.”

The comment suggests Raintree may have her religions mixed up, as the Bible verse she quoted does not reference stoning. Under Islamic law, homosexuality is a crime against God and is punishable by being stoned to death.

Nonetheless, Raintree prevailed as Webb eventually withdrew his resolution without calling for a vote, the Advocate reported.

Tom Tillison


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