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Liberal host Melissa Harris-Perry mispronounces Marine Corps motto ‘semper fee’

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Melissa-Harris-Perry-tampon-earringsMelissa Harris-Perry, bless her little heart, is still trying to repair her image after the fallout from her latest offense to the non-liberal, normal-thinking public.

Those of us who had to witness while Harris-Perry and her friends snickered about Mitt Romney having a black grandchild, and the tearful apology that followed, were hoping for a reprieve for a little bit longer. Some of us were still trying to get the vision of her with tampons dangling from her ears out of our heads.

The good news is that she didn’t overtly offend anyone with juvenile “mean girl” mockery or accessorize with feminine protection products this time. But she did manage to turn a serious segment about the importance of the U.S. military into a bit of a farce.

Newsbusters’ Mark Finkelstein published the 19-second video with a similar observation.

If you are going to report on the meaning of the military mottos, you might want to make it at least appear as if you are familiar with them.

Leftist Harris-Perry, with all the sincerity she could muster, read off this statement  Sunday morning, but it may have lost some impact when she pronounced the Marine motto,”semper fi,” as “semper fee.

 Because, well, if there is anything that is quintessentially American, it is our military, and their goal can be seen in their very mottos: the Army’s “this we’ll defend”; or “semper fi,” always faithful, for the Marines.

We all blunder, and being on camera is a tough job, but as a Marine mom it reminded me of how far removed much of the left is from the importance of the military. Maybe I’m wrong, but I can’t imagine any conservative doing a segment on the military with such ignorance.

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