Liberal host Melissa Harris-Perry mispronounces Marine Corps motto ‘semper fee’

Melissa-Harris-Perry-tampon-earringsMelissa Harris-Perry, bless her little heart, is still trying to repair her image after the fallout from her latest offense to the non-liberal, normal-thinking public.

Those of us who had to witness while Harris-Perry and her friends snickered about Mitt Romney having a black grandchild, and the tearful apology that followed, were hoping for a reprieve for a little bit longer. Some of us were still trying to get the vision of her with tampons dangling from her ears out of our heads.

The good news is that she didn’t overtly offend anyone with juvenile “mean girl” mockery or accessorize with feminine protection products this time. But she did manage to turn a serious segment about the importance of the U.S. military into a bit of a farce.

Newsbusters’ Mark Finkelstein published the 19-second video with a similar observation.

If you are going to report on the meaning of the military mottos, you might want to make it at least appear as if you are familiar with them.

Leftist Harris-Perry, with all the sincerity she could muster, read off this statement  Sunday morning, but it may have lost some impact when she pronounced the Marine motto,”semper fi,” as “semper fee.

 Because, well, if there is anything that is quintessentially American, it is our military, and their goal can be seen in their very mottos: the Army’s “this we’ll defend”; or “semper fi,” always faithful, for the Marines.

We all blunder, and being on camera is a tough job, but as a Marine mom it reminded me of how far removed much of the left is from the importance of the military. Maybe I’m wrong, but I can’t imagine any conservative doing a segment on the military with such ignorance.

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155 thoughts on “Liberal host Melissa Harris-Perry mispronounces Marine Corps motto ‘semper fee’

  1. higgy01 says:

    To “bless her black heart” Harris – Perry it is Semper Fidelis. Only those that have been there can use the abbreviated version. That way it is harder to mispronounce the motto of the finest fighting outfit in the world.

    1. car333 says:

      Great post.
      Semper-Fi USMC 1960-1964

    2. ron thomasson says:

      Two thumbs up. Semper Fi. USN Corpsman (ret)

  2. Jim says:

    A militaristic society thrives on bumper sticker slogans. Deep analysis is “anti-american”

  3. RetiredTrainman says:

    And this (Ugly) idiot I guess is supposed to be one of their better ones at MSNBC… The company is sure hurting for good looking smart people unlike FOX with their beautiful smart women.. In fact it seems everyone I see in the Democrat Party are homely… Mochella Obama, Clinton, Boxer, Pig-losi, Feinstein and so many more come to mind. Put them all in one room and you’d think it was Halloween.

    Remember the puppeteers with their little dummy;s on the string well MSNBC is the dummy’s at the end of the string and the Socialist Party is their Puppeteer. The same Puppeteers that control Odumbo.

    1. car333 says:

      Now that was funny about the Halloween part. I’ve always said Pig-losi’s face would scare a coal train up a dirt road.

  4. colony14author says:

    She is not only a leftist, she has an annoying lisp. (What next? A cross-eyed communist?) Whether Harris-Perry’s error is worse than Obama’s mispronunciation—twice—of “corpsman” as “corpse man” is open to debate.

  5. mnmarcus says:

    Actually, the Marines have mispronouncing the Latin “fi” for years. Melissa got it right.

    1. ron thomasson says:

      As a Navy Corpsman (who has served with the Corps), I challenge you to go into a bar (near a MC Base) and correct them of this apparent error they’ve had for decades (at least five in my lifetime). You should even meet them at the airport as they return from Middle-east deployments or even schedule an appointment with the Commandant of the Marine Corps at HQMC right up the street from the Pentagon. I’m sure he’ll be glad to change their alliterative interpretation of their (not your) motto.

      I took Latin for three years. You, Mar Azule and others are wrong. “E’s” are pronounced like our short “I’s” and “I’s” are pronounced like our long “E’s” in the English Language…Not the vulgate Latin pronunciation used in church services. I only pronounced your “politically correct” version once without being corrected by a MC Col. I’d pay to be a fly on the wall to see how many times you get away with it…

      1. mnmarcus says:

        Ron — I really don’t care how anyone pronounces “fi” and see no reason to engage in a silly bar fight.

        Language is not static. Pronunciation is not consistent and pronunciations and meanings frequently change.

        When I leave Sam’s Club and my reciept is checked by Korean War vet Pete, in his Corps cap, I always say “Semper Fi” the way you’d like me to say it.

        On the other hand, the “i” in “Marine” and in “Iwo Jima” and at the end of “Tripoli” is pronounced like “ee” — not “eye.”

        I have the utmost respect for the Marines and all military people.

        However I resent people on this website using Melissa’s momentary error as an excuse to dump on her (“hag”), Obama and other liberals.

        I’d like to see you aim some of your outrage at Dubya and other GOP hillbillies who say “nuke-you-ler” instead of “nuke-lee-er.”

        By the way, it’s “Merriam” Webster.

        1. ron thomasson says:

          Excuse me..”Mirriam” was copied and pasted right off of a well-used liberal website. (but “What difference does it make now anyways”…that seems to be a popular response). I would expect that someone, purporting to be a “News Spokesperson” would perform due diligence to ensure they were pronouncing someone’s name, a place, noun or a well-established motto correctly. As I recall, Jimmy Carter said Nu-cu-lar (and he was, as I recall active in developing Nuclear Power Plants for naval ships while in the service).

          I did bust Dubya for it and at least Dubya manned up (through his office) and explained he has had dyslexia all of his life. I’ve even heard Alex Trebek slip up and say Nu-cu-lar on TV before. I’ve heard other “Liberal” politicians butcher it as well.

          You know, I’ve seen far worst commentary on mis-steps and/or mispronunciations by liberals against any of their perceived foes. It’s a feeding-frenzy compared to this little bump in the road.

          I would be hard pressed to not find one adult/child (it’s incorporated in nearly every video war game) who has not seen a movie, news brief, or expose’ depicting Marines where they have not pronounced this Semper Fi like F(eye). “pronunciations and meanings frequently change” that’s rich…whatever.

  6. Mar Azule says:

    I don’t want to burst your collective bubbles, BUT the Marines’ motto (Semper Fi) is short for Semper Fidelis, Latin for ‘Always Fathful.’ Thing is, the ‘FI’ in Fidelis, in Latin, is pronounced “Fee” just like she pronounced it. She is absolutely right-Those who pronounce it “Feye” are mispronouncing it. There are thousands of examples of people who never studied Latin mispronouncing Latin words. Anyway, it’s a lot of baloney–pronouncing a Latin phrase correctly does not reflect on her opinion of the USMC or any other organization. Too many serious issues in this country to worry about this one, OK?

  7. Mar Azule says:

    It’s “Fee-DAY-liss” If you want to pronounce it correctly-Big deal.

  8. David Kerr says:

    Typical lefty, there is a fee for everything.

  9. TheQuickening says:

    She’s the cutest leftist agendist on the air. Certainly not the brightest but definitely the cutest!

  10. Navy VeteranCPO says:

    No big deal. People have to lighten up. However, this shows how detached libs are from the military.
    Obama, the “commandant” of the military, cannot even pronounce the rate of a Navy medic. He calls them “Corpsemen”? That should offend people more than this clown and her misspeak.
    As for people saying that the correct pronunciation is “fee”, uh no. The slogan that has been used by the Marine Corps (or is it Corpse?) for years is “Semper Fi, Do or Die”. Should that slogan be pronounced “Semper Fee, Do or Dee?” pronouncing Die in a German dialect?
    On a lighter note, what does Marines stand for?
    “Muscles Are Required Intelligence Not Expected, SIR!!”
    “Ain’t Ready for Marines Yet”
    “Never Again Volunteer Yourself”

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