Late-night audiences lose Obama thrill; celebs still swoon over ‘B-Boogie’

Maybe the “B” in B-list means brainless, but is the audience still buying?

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Kevin Hart, the comic star of the universally panned new cop-buddy movie “Ride Along” thinks he has a new best buddy in the White House — “B-Boogie” Barack Obama.

Appearing on “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” on Friday, an annoyingly enamored Hart talked about how the president can just … send tingles up his leg, maybe?

“There’s not a lot of people who floor me,” Hart told Fallon. “Barack Obama is the only person who could get me in a frenzy.”

Five years ago, that comment would have brought down the house on a late-night talk show stacked with an Obama audience. On Fallon’s show Friday, it went by virtually unnoticed.

In the heyday of Obamamania, when all those young invincibles had decided to stick it to The Man by voting in the country’s first black president, Obama was untouchable. Now, with the Obamacare train wreck on full view, and those younger voters starting to get the message that someone has to pay for Democrat goodies – and that that someone is them, the jokes are stinging. Jay Leno’s been leading the way, but he’s playing to America.

So, for audiences the thrill might be gone — but the celebs are still fawning.

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And that showed at when  the president picked him out of a crowd at a holiday gathering at the White House.

“He called me ‘Kev!’” Hart bubbled to Fallon. “He didn’t call me Kevin Hart. He nicknamed me, which means me and the president are like this.” He crossed his fingers. “We’re best friends! That’s my buddy!”

So Obama’s still a favorite with the Beautiful People – like every Democrat president since Kennedy – but his luster’s getting a little second-term tarnish. Hart might be riding  high at the moment – until next weekend, anyway, when “Ride Along” rides away – but he’s destined for B-listdom. And it’s still a far cry from the A-listers who turned out for that disgraceful “I pledge to be a servant to Barack Obama” video back in 2009.

(If you’ve forgotten it, check out “A little 1940s Germany” story, here. )

Kevin Hart is no Demi Moore (for one thing, he’s too short), and the guy who stars in BET’s “Real Husbands of Hollywood” isn’t exactly Morgan Freeman in crossover appeal.

He can still fill a late-night talk giggling about his school-girl crush on the president of the United States – you know “B-Boogie” to his friends.

But the audience isn’t buying anymore.


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