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Keith Olbermann fights 13-year-old-girl on Twitter but she started it, he says

Photo of Keith Olbermann from Independent Journal Review

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You can take the host out of the MSNBC muck, but you can’t take the MSNBC muck out of the host.

The former prince of liberal-land, conservative-basher, Keith Olbermann, has long since moved on to ESPN and has taken to fighting with 13-year-old girls on Twitter, according to Independent Journal Review.

His defense: She started it!

The truth is that he messed with the girl’s big brother, professional hockey player Tom Sestito, whom Olbermann has presented as the “World’s Worst Person In Sports” on his ESPN show.

Sestito took the criticism in stride and responded with this tweet:

But protective Victoria appeared to have trouble stomaching Olbermann’s arrogance. And I’m pretty sure one of life’s golden rules is to never tick off an adoring little sister. She fired the first shot here:

It’s hard to tell if she struck a particular nerve since the obnoxious blowhard gets his kicks off picking fights with his critics simply over grammar and misspelled words, but he responded with three separate tweets:

What came next was this embarrassing tweet revealing the girl’s age, and a follow-up by Olbermann indicating he doesn’t give a damn since she started it.

No clue who she was. If she wants to hide behind her age she shouldn’t have been rude to me RT @BCBerrie Wow @Keihttp://tl.gd/n4uo2f

Thirteen-year-old Victoria could clearly hold her own, but that didn’t stop the inevitable mockery that tends to befall pompous asses when they get taken down by girls barely old enough to leave the house alone.


One thing is pretty clear after spending some time reviewing Olbermann’s account: his Twitter followers have his number — every annoying digit.

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