Rapper lyrics, ‘all white people crazy’ – including ‘half Obama,’ are defended as lighthearted

Rawcus’ new hit song repeats the same words over and over – “white people crazy,” which is also the tune’s title — but no one should mind because, in the words of one columnist, “it’s not mean-spirited.”

The video shows numerous Caucasians doing stunts that go terribly wrong, to these lyrics:

White people be crazy

all white people crazy

white people they crazy.

“Half Obama, he crazy,” the video says, while showing a picture of Obama’s face, colored half white and half black.

Just who else, exactly, is crazy, according to Rawcus? Miley Cyrus, Bill Clinton and Charlie Sheen, among others. Oh, and:

“Trailer parks, country music, golf carts, duck hunting, watching hockey, NASCAR, ask any white person they know… and they admit they know they crazy for sure.”

Rawcus’ manager, Swerve, told The Daily Caller the song was meant to be amusing, but he said he “could see how people may be offended.”

“I can empathize with the feeling of not thinking something is funny. Not everything is funny to everyone,” he said. “In this case, every person has the choice to watch or not. The fact is we are all a little crazy. It’s a human condition, and this video makes light of culture and believe it or not, is coming from a place of love and laughter.”

Jamilah Lemieux, the news and lifestyle editor for EBONY.com, predicted conservatives will respond with outrage.

“It’s going to be a heck of a day at Fox News when they catch wind of this (it will be amazing to see them blame the other half of Obama),” she wrote in an opinion piece on her publication’s website. “And I know the cries of, ‘If a WHITE person made ‘Black People Crazy,’ you’d be offended’ are coming. ‘White people crazy’ is something that your average Black person says at least once a day. We talk about it at our monthly Black people meetings.”

Slavery, segregation and other forms of racism are crazy, she said, adding that black people are crazy, too. But it’s usually because society has wronged them.

“Regardless of the rapper’s racial identity or intention behind the song, it is a hoot and a holler,” Lemieux wrote. “It’s not mean-spirited or hateful and it’s a good ‘laugh to keep from crying’ anthem for those of us who have been subject to the ways of crazy White people for a very long time.”

A note at the end of Lemiuex’s column says, “One fourth of her, she crazy.”

Watch the “White People Crazy” video here. Caution: Graphic violence and language.

H/T: The Daily Caller

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