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People automatically laugh when asked about VP Joe Biden; latest gaffe explains

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Vice President Joe Biden is well-known for his gaffes, so it may be no surprise that when people are asked what they think of him on camera, their first response is to laugh.

For example, Biden stopped by the International Auto Show in Detroit Thursday and thanked the executive chairman of Ford. While that sounds harmless, here’s what the press pool had to say, according to The Weekly Standard:

Biden stopped to look at an engine on display, before he made his way to the Ford Motor stand, where he met Ford executive chairman Bill Ford Jr. and [U.S.] Rep. John Dingell. “Thank you for saving our ass,” Biden told Ford, apparently referring to the 2008-2009 auto crisis, when the Dearborn automaker didn’t seek a government bailout. Ford Jr.’s response couldn’t be made out.

Not exactly a vice-presidential comment.

MRCTV went to the Lincoln Memorial recently and asked people what they thought about the vice president, getting laughter as the first response. When asked what Biden’s biggest accomplishment was, most had no answer at all.

Watch the MRC video sure to make you laugh.

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