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Megyn Kelly’s rematch with Anthony Weiner starts politely, but doesn’t end well

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Some things have changed in the three years since Megyn Kelly last interviewed disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner, the Fox News host said on her show Friday. But in during their heated exchange over Obamacare, she said some things have not changed at all.

First, though, Kelly started the discussion on a friendly note.

“Do you feel like the American public is forgiving?” she asked.

People are decent, Weiner said, and they frequently approach him on the street to wish him luck.

Kelly asked Weiner if he thought the public was misled about Obamacare.

Obama could have been clearer about the issue, Weiner said, but he praised the way the president apologized afterward. That got Kelly worked up.

“Here we go again!” she said, then began firing questions at Weiner.

“Can I answer your first question before we get to the next three?” he said. “You’re not being polite.”

Kelly told her audience to stay tuned for even bigger fireworks that will come on Monday when the second half of the interview is aired.

Watch the fiery exchange here via Fox News:

Megyn Kelly: ‘WH caught red-handed again,’ ‘grossly misleading’ Americans on Obamacare


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