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Real-life ‘Home Alone’ story: Teen shoots at gang of burglars

Photo credit: Gunsnfreedom.com

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In a real-life “Home Alone” drama, a young Colorado teen shot at a gang of home invaders Wednesday when they busted into his house.

The 14-year-old told police he’d heard intruders in his home and ran for a handgun, according to Fox21News.

When confronted by the assailants, the boy fired the pistol, scaring the burglars off.

Police arrived to find the back door had been kicked in and the power had been cut. Officers didn’t find blood or other evidence to suggest one of the intruders had been shot.

According to Fox21:

The suspects were not found. Officers did check local hospitals for any wounded people.

After this case, police also issued a warning to residents of Eastside Pueblo. A recent rash of burglaries has been reported.

After Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper signed new gun restrictions into law in March, two pro-gun-control senators were recalled, a third resigned when recall appeared imminent. Also, at least one gun accessories manufacturer — Magpul Industries — moved its operations out of the state.

Perhaps Colorado should have expanded gun rights instead of restricting them.

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