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Computer expert: HealthCare.gov ‘absolutely 100 percent’ insecure

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Personal information entered into the HealthCare.gov website has become less secure during the months since Obamacare’s rollout, a cyber-security expert told Fox News’ “On the Record” host Greta van Susteren on Thursday.

Earlier in the week, David Kennedy testified before a U.S. House committee that the website is “insecure — absolutely, 100 percent.”

Fixes designed to keep the site from crashing actually made it worse, Kennedy told van Susteren.

“They had a whole bunch of guys behind the keyboards programming really fast to keep the site up and stable,” he said. “So what they did was to introduce new code, new vulnerabilities, new exposures.”

The now-vulnerable information includes “first name, last name, email address, Social Security number, as well as the integration into the IRS and DHS, which contains all of your tax information, all of your personal information, as well as all of whatever DHS has on you,” Kennedy said.

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