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Ann Coulter challenges Ed Schultz’s manhood, says MSNBC libs ‘too afraid of a 99 lb girl’

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MSNBC host Ed Schultz must be so sure Republicans are afraid of him, his producers don’t even have to pick up the phone to find out.

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Shultz has yet to respond to a challenge conservator commentator Ann Coulter tweeted Wednesday after Schultz told his (ever-dwindling) audience that Republicans don’t have the guts to tangle with him.

“Of course Republicans, they’re afraid of me,” Schultz said on “The Ed Show.” They don’t want to talk to me.”

Au contraire.

(Note: Mature language ahead.)


In an email to Newsbusters on Thursday, Coulter expanded her criticisms to include the rest of MSNBC’s lineup – nattering to their (ever-dwindling) audiences about how smart they are.

These MSNBC hosts like Rachel and Ed love posing as macho Republican-slayers, with Rachel repeatedly begging Republican senators to please, please, please come on her show (because she’s such a formidable debater, you see), and now Schultz boasting that Republicans are terrified of him! We quake in our boots!

I’ve been begging to come on their shows for years now, but they’re all apparently too afraid of a 99 lb girl. (Or any conservative who can put 2 sentences together — Hey! Somebody get Todd Harris on the line!)

Moreover, I don’t care that they’re all a bunch of pussies at MSNBC, but cut the B.S. posturing when you won’t allow any non-retarded conservative on your airwaves.

So, Schultz has had a day to think about getting called out by Coulter and still hasn’t stirred.

Is Rachel Maddow man enough?



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