Leno jokes on Obama-pope meeting: Obamacare could work, the pope ‘believes in miracles’

Jay Leno, the most vocal critic of President Obama on late-night TV, led off his monologue Thursday night riffing on news that the president wants to meet […]

RIP Professor: ‘Gilligan’s Island’ star awarded Purple Heart from WWII

Among the more defining attributes of “The Greatest Generation” is a fierce patriotism and a humbleness seldom seen today. As news broke that Russell Johnson, 89, best […]

Piers Morgan tries to blame Ambassador Chris Stevens for Benghazi attack

On his CNN show Thursday night, Piers Morgan told a guest that he didn’t “want to speak ill” of the dead, then proceeded to do exactly that. […]

mexico food stamps
Newly approved omnibus bill continues funding food stamp ads – in Mexico

Good news, everybody! We’re using your tax dollars to troll for more food stamp recipients….IN MEXICO. According to Breitbart News:  The omnibus spending bill before Congress continues […]

Sheriff Arpaio: Feds trained his deputies to profile, now demands $38M in compliance costs

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is proving to be a tougher adversary than the Obama administration anticipated. Attorney General Eric Holder‘s overtly politicized Justice Department targeted Arpaio […]

Obama gaffe
Obama’s newest gaffe: Bungles name of the Dominican Republic

Verbal gaffes may have been fodder for the media when George W. Bush was president, but you probably didn’t hear about the one President Obama made Thursday. During […]

Indian commuter train
Texas Dem wants first-ever high-speed rail between Mexico and U.S.

A Democratic congressman is proposing a high-speed rail service linking Mexico with the United States. U.S. Rep. Henry Cuellar, D-Texas, met with the Secretary of Transportation Anthony […]

Adorable Husky puppy ‘verbally’ refuses to go in his kennel

Blaze, a gorgeous, 11-month old Husky from New Hampshire, may love his kennel, but on this day he wanted no parts of going in it. And he […]

Ann Coulter challenges Ed Schultz’s manhood, says MSNBC libs ‘too afraid of a 99 lb girl’

MSNBC host Ed Schultz must be so sure Republicans are afraid of him, his producers don’t even have to pick up the phone to find out. Shultz […]

Megyn Kelly: ‘WH caught red-handed again,’ ‘grossly misleading’ Americans on Obamacare

At this rate, one can only assume that for the White House, credibility rates a distant second to ensuring the success of Obamacare. Two weeks ago, White […]

Senior UK military advisor: Obama’s clueless

A British senior military advisor called President Obama a strategic failure militarily and a shadow of his predecessor, George W. Bush. This week’s scathing assessment by Sir […]

Real-life ‘Home Alone’ story: Teen shoots at gang of burglars

In a real-life “Home Alone” drama, a young Colorado teen shot at a gang of home invaders Wednesday when they busted into his house. The 14-year-old told […]