‘The Five’ spoofed by ‘Daily Show’; possibly greatest thing I’ve ever seen, says Gutfeld

No one will confuse the comedy of “The Daily Show” with the politics of the panelists on Fox’s “The Five,” but humor can cover a multitude of sins.

five spoofThat’s why “Five” panelist Greg Gutfeld could tweet a two-thumbs-up review of the one-woman performance by “The Daily Show’s” Samantha Bee Tuesday night that portrayed Gutfeld and panelist Dana Perino as two people caught up in “a story as old as time, a story … of love.”

Painting a portrait of lovers caught up in the maelstrom of their emotions – “nobody falls for a good girl like a bad boy” – Bee flitted on the stage depicting Perino’s sugar-coated persona against Gutfeld’s “pill-popping afternoon drunk who’s riddled with hepatitis.”

And the pair overcoming the competition from suitors like co-panelists an earnest Eric Bolling and a more sinister Bob Beckel — the grilling Salieri to Gutfeld’s grinning Mozart.

Until Gutfeld himself turns into the bad guy (fans of “The Five” should already know why the romance is doomed).

The whole thing gave Gutfeld a good laugh.

Some fans ate it up, too.

Perino, the Bella Swan of the Samantha Bee saga, didn’t maker her feelings known on Twitter, but on Wednesday afternoon Bee tweeted thanks to both star-crossed “lovers” for flowers they sent.

Check out Bee’s performance. You’ll never watch “The Five” the same way again.



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