Bill Whittle’s joke about shooting Californians has left in a lather

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A joke about shooting Californians made by conservative blogger and political commentator Bill Whittle has liberals all in a lather.

Best known for his “Afterburner” series on PJTV, Whittle is a dyed-in-the-wool conservative who pulls few punches when it comes to pointing out the flawed policies of President Obama and the progressive left.

Whittle was speaking Saturday at the “Freedom Rally,” sponsored by Texans for Freedom and Liberty, which also featured U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas.

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“You will see a lot of cars coming west heading east on Interstate 10, and they’re going to have California license plates on them,” Whittle said to those gathered over the weekend. “Now, if you see these cars pull into rest areas or hotels or restaurants, that’s fine; wave goodbye, make sure they go out on the Louisiana end.”

“But if you see them pull off into residential areas, you need to open fire on these vehicles immediately,” Whittle deadpanned. “Immediately. Not with 9mm or AR rounds; you need to put mortars on those things, you cannot take any chances.”

The folks at the event ate it up, as the room rang with laughter. After all, it was a joke. And a funny one at that.

Whittle said Californians are looking to move to Texas to enjoy its “awesome job opportunities, the incredible economy and the conservative government.”

“They will change it and mess it up,” he said. “Don’t let that happen. Just start shooting.”

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Singing from the same hymnal, liberal websites Raw Story and Talking Points Memo posted ominous headlines tying the event to Cruz, and both mentioned him in the first sentence.

A writer at the far-left Daily Kos even goes so far as to suggest that Whittle is advocating for mass murder. Oh, the horror!

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