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Meet Mohammad Gulab, the Afghan ‘brother’ who saved Marcus Luttrell

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Anyone who has seen “Lone Survivor” can’t help but be captivated by the honor displayed by Mohammad Gulab, the Afghan tribal leader who became close friends with Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell.

In a “60 Minutes” interview recorded in December, Luttrell told Anderson Cooper that Gulab “saved him, protected him from the Taliban and helped him get rescued,” according to CBSNews.com.

The movie tells the story of the reconnaissance operation gone horribly wrong, with Luttrell finding himself alone and badly injured in the mountains of Afghanistan. After finding Luttrell, Gulab took him into his village under a tribal code of honor called “Pashtunwali.”

“Mohammad Gulab not only put his own life at risk, he put the lives of his entire village at risk,” Cooper said on “60 Minutes Overtime.” “According to Gulab, the Taliban came to him, first offered him money, offered him all sorts of things if he would give up Marcus Luttrell, and he refused.”

As retribution for his heroics, Gulab’s home was burned down, his cousin was killed, and he had to take his family into hiding. Luttrell flew Gulab to Texas twice and has been trying to help him get a green card so he can relocate to the United States, at least temporarily.

Watch the touching story of the two friends via CBS:

Watch Cooper’s entire “60 Minutes” segment with Luttrell via CBS:

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