Libs rip into Microsoft for including Margaret Thatcher in ‘Heroic Women of 2013’ ad

Leave it to liberals to find fault in an inspiring ad honoring heroic women all over the world.

The tribute, sponsored by Microsoft, aired during Sunday night’s Golden Globes but apparently was not fully vetted by the ever-so-tolerant progressive thought police.

How dare they mention Margaret Thatcher, the only woman to hold the office of British Prime Minister and to be re-elected to serve three terms. The popular and world-respected Thatcher died last year at age 87 following a stroke.

Scratch the “Iron Lady” off the list of iconic women immediately!

Didn’t you people know she was a fearless conservative leader? What the heck were you thinking?

Here is the ad, via You Tube, with its 4 second clip of Thatcher along with written words: “To Margaret Thatcher for blazing a trail. 1925-2013”

The unmitigated gall!

An assortment of ignorant, unfriendly tweets were gathered by Twitchy.




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