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‘Hardball’ panel’s gross mocking of Benghazi, Fast & Furious, IRS ‘myths’ crosses line

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MSNBC’s Chris Matthews and his panel were aghast at how the “right wing” could still get worked up over Benghazi,Fast and Furious” and the IRS scandal but didn’t seem to think New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s “Bridge-gate” was a big deal.

“If you listen to the right wing these days, the Christie scandal is nothing compared to their fantasy scandals about Barack Obama,” Matthews said on “Hardball” Friday. “It’s all utter nonsense, complete bull, actually.”

The panel was giddy in agreeing with him.

“The best defense is a good offense,” MSNBC political analyst David Corn said. “They want to change the subject.”

In an appearance on Thursday’s show, Rep. Michael Grimm, R-N.Y. was “barfing out buzzwords,” Matthews said, referring to Obama’s scandals.

“Just say, ‘Benghazi,’ and the right wing starts twittering and quittering. Just say, ‘Fast and Furious,’ and the gun guys out there, they go crazy,” Matthews said. “But tell me about the PR and the method of operation, and what it possibly has to do with a very clear, serious scandal in Jersey, which is on the record now.”

MSNBC contributor Joy Reid agreed with Matthews.

“The right-wing media has sort of body-snatched the political class on the right,” Reid said. “Where these myths that live in the minds and nightmares and terrors and night terrors of conservatives in the base has infected their ability to do politics.”

But Matthews’ narrative has apparently changed. In October 2013, he said this about Benghazi, according to the Independent Journal Review:

“That’s what I’m impressed by, then you hear about the guys who got in there, grabbed their uniform, grabbed their weapons, got on a plane and they were stopped en route. I mean, that’s unbelievable! People who were like volunteer fire department racing to save their colleagues, and what happened to them?”

Then Chris Matthews asked one of the guests, soberly:

“I’m going to ask you something,” Matthews replied. “If that what your brother or father in there, would you say that’s an acceptable response? ‘Oh, it’s probably over by now, it’s no good to send anybody.’ Or would you say, ‘I don’t care if it’s over or not, I’m going to collect the bodies if nothing else. I’m going to get there and show I cared.’ That’s what I’d do.”

Watch the panel discussion here via MSNBC:

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