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Divorce mediator heads to DC to address Congressional gridlock

Carol Bailey Photo: Komo News Network
Carol Bailey
Photo: Komo News Network

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A Seattle divorce mediator is heading to the nation’s Capitol this week to offer her solutions on “easing Congressional gridlock” because it’s the “union that can’t dissolve.”

Divorce attorney Carol Bailey has almost 30 years experience, including her own personal experience, in “advocating amicable resolution of family law and divorce matters,” her bio reads, but she said unlike unhappy couples, Congress can’t divorce.

Bailey will distribute her pamphlet, “Easing Congressional Gridlock: A Divorce Mediator’s Guide for the union that can’t dissolve,” to every member of Congress she can find this week because she felt she needed to do something about the endless bickering she has witnessed in the current Congress.

“Win reelection by showing us you are as serious about solving our nation’s problems as we are about solving our person ones,” she wrote in the pamphlet.

“I’d like to sit you down at my mediation table, look each of you in the eye, and say, as I do to families: you totally lost your focus on your family, digging in and bickering endlessly about things no one understands or cares about…You both just want to win without caring about the family. What kind of a role model are you?” she said.

She specifically offers the United States Congress 10 proven conflict resolution tips that “help common people, your constituents,” she wrote including, “Get over yourself: This is not about you or your party” and “Check your facts. Opinions are based on ‘facts.’ Make sure yours aren’t distorted.”

And best of all, there is a handy wallet-sized summary of the tips so lawmakers can remain positive, inspiring and focused as they attempt to “reach agreements and better serve our country.”

Check out Bailey’s pamphlet every member of Congress will receive this week:

Watch a report from Komo News Network here:

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