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Wounded war vet’s powerful encounter with a grateful cab driver from Iraq

Photo credit: IJ Review

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A disabled Iraq War veteran told a compelling story Thursday in the form a a series of tweets. It reads like a mini-serial novel — one in which you can’t wait for the next installment — and it tells a story one is not likely to hear from the mainstream media.

This “slice of life” encounter between J.R. Salzman and a Dallas cab driver was first picked up by Independent Journal Review. No matter what your view of the war in Iraq is, this story of a chance encounter will restore your faith in the human spirit, and the goodness that is America.

























President Obama has said that of the two wars he inherited from the Bush administration, he considered Afghanistan the “good war.”

If he were to hear the story of J.R. Salzman and Sibari Diwali, perhaps he would realize that Iraq was a “good war” also.


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