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Judge Jeanine’s furious feds are on ‘Bridge-gate’ in 24 hours; Obama’s scandals, still waiting

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New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie did within 24 hours what President Barack Obama couldn’t manage in five years — get to the bottom of his scandals and hold those responsible accountable, Fox News’ Judge Jeanine Pirro said on her show, “Justice with Judge Jeanine” Saturday.

In her opening statement, Pirro played clips of the president pledging immediate investigations of the Benghazi and IRS targeting scandals. Benghazi is 16 months old, and the IRS scandal came to light eight months ago — but still nothing.

“Enter Chris Christie and the George Washington Bridge,” she said, before playing a short clip from his “mea culpa” press conference Thursday.

“Kind of refreshing, isn’t it?” Pirro said. “A chief executive having at least the balls to get out there, face the music, hold people accountable, fire them, apologize and take responsibility.”

But the real shocker, she said, came within 24 hours of Christie’s press conference, when the Obama administration finally announced a federal probe of a scandal — but not its own. This probe is directed at Christie.

“Mr. President, you’re kidding, right?” Pirro asked.

Watch her opening statement.


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