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‘Horrific’ and ‘ugly’: MSNBC panel tells truth about December Jobs Report

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An entire MSNBC panel met the December jobs report with cries of “awful,” “very bad” and “ugly” on Friday’s “Morning Joe.”

The Obama administration attempted to paint the report in somewhat glowing terms, noting the drop in the unemployment rate from 7 to 6.7 percent. MSNBC saw through it, though.

An estimated 200,000 new jobs were forecast, but CNBC business correspondent Michelle Caruso-Cabrera reported that only 74,000 jobs were created, calling them “ugly numbers.”

“That’s a horrific number,” program host Joe Scarborough said. “That’s the lowest number we’ve seen in years.”

Caruso-Cabrera agreed, saying, “Since January of 2011,” later adding that the dip in the unemployment rate was due to people leaving the labor force.

When an MSNBC panel pans an Obama administration jobs report, you know it has to be bad.

That afternoon, on the Fox News business-oriented program “Your World,” host Neil Cavuto likened the jobs report to a spaghetti Western — “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.”

The “good” was the 0.3 percent drop in the unemployment rate.

The “bad” was the measly 74,000 jobs created.

The “ugly” was the labor participation rate — at 62.8 percent — a figure not seen since 1978 during the Carter administration.


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