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‘Welcome to the vetting process’: NBC says media ‘free ride’ over for Gov. Christie

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AP Image via Business Insider

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As the national media salivates over a rare scandal not centered around the Obama White House, but instead involving a “political star for the Republican Party,” NBC’s Chuck Todd reminds us that this is really all about the 2016 presidential election.

In addressing the scandal over the lane closures on the George Washington Bridge that has rocked N.J. Gov. Chris Christie, Todd took his cue from NBC anchor Matt Lauer, who said “the Democrats are gonna work this story for a long time,” Newsbusters reported.

“Absolutely,” Todd responded. “This is, you know, welcome to the NFL.” NBC’s White House correspondent then pointed out that Christie has had a “free ride” with the media until now.

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“He has gotten a lot of benefit by being sort of this Republican rising star in the New York media markets, so he gets a lot of access to media attention, access to national media,” he said. “And so he’s had a free ride, if you will.”

“Well now, welcome to the vetting process,” Todd continued. “Now that he’s essentially shown interest in being a presidential candidate, this is what life is like. This is what happens when the bright lights start burning.”

Unless you just happen to be a freshman U.S. Senator from Illinois.

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