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Panicked Pelosi runs from Obamacare: ‘First of all, it’s called the Affordable Care Act’

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Panicked Democratic incumbents facing midterm elections this year are trying so hard to distance themselves from all things Obama, U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi won’t even refer to the healthcare law as “Obamacare” any longer.

It’s come full circle from Democrats deriding Republicans for calling the Affordable Care Act “Obamacare,” to a full embracing of the term once Obama got onboard, to now shunning the name again as the president’s poll number plummet and anti-Obamacare sentiment sweeps the nation.

“House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi corrected a reporter Thursday who called Democrats’ health care law ‘Obamacare,’” the Washington Times reported.

According to the Times:

Democrats, who just a couple of years ago were happy to call President Obama’s signature achievement Obamacare, now are bristling at the name and have tried to remove it from the political lexicon. The change comes as the law’s rollout has been rocky, leaving Americans sour.

On Thursday, at her weekly press conference, Mrs. Pelosi was asked by a reporter whether Democrats would vote with Republicans to impose new privacy safeguards in health care, and if so, whether that would be a signal Democrats are worried about the politics of the law.

“Absolutely not,” Mrs. Pelosi said. “First of all, it’s called the ‘Affordable Care Act.’ If that’s what you’re referencing, yeah, they are going after the Affordable Care Act.”


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