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Toddler in swearing ‘thug video’ taken into protective custody

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The Nebraska toddler featured in an online video being subjected to obscenities and the n-word by laughing adults has been taken into child protective custody.

Photo: OmahaPOA.com

The video stirred a debate on CNN Wednesday, when host Don Lemon and guest Mel Robbins tangled with guest political commentator Marc Lamont Hill over whether its posting on the website of the Omaha police union was necessary – or helped reinforce racist stereotypes.

Lemon and Robbins said the police were justified in posting the video – saying it only reflected a home life that produces young people headed for trouble with authority – whether kindergarten teachers or police officers. It showed the “thug cycle”  police deal with, the union stated in its posting.

Hill argued that the posting made it look like the disturbing scene – which depicted the boy being cursed at and taunted by off-camera adults – was reflective of black homes in the United States. He didn’t call it “racist” outright, but he might as well have.

According to the Omaha Police Department’s Facebook page, the boy was taken from the home with three other children even though there was no evidence of criminal activity.

“The Child Victim Unit coordinated with Child Protective Services regarding concerns for the well-being of the identified toddler and other children believed to be in the home,” the department stated.

Check out the CNN debate here.


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