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Sheila Jackson Lee wants word ‘welfare’ changed to ‘transitional living fund’

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U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas, strongly endorsed federal entitlement programs as “something for all of us,” during a House floor speech Wednesday, and called for changing the word, “welfare” to something more politically correct.

“Maybe the word welfare should be changed to something of, ‘a transitional living fund.’ For that is what it is — for people to be able to live,” she said, according to C-SPAN.

Jackson Lee praised a long list of federal programs, including the Affordable Care Act, as “huge safety nets — not handouts, but safety nets,” she said.

I, for one, would welcome the name change. The word “transitional” suggests something that’s in a temporary state while it’s transitioning to something else — such as self-reliance.

With that in mind, perhaps welfare should be temporary — cease after 12 months. If the congresswoman feels that’s being too draconian, maybe reduce assistance by 1o percent each year, with the understanding that the balance would be made up by gainful employment.

But I somehow don’t believe that was quite what she was trying to get across in her floor speech.

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