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How can you not love Megyn Kelly’s response to her big ‘Jeopardy!’ moment?

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How can you not love Fox News’ Megyn Kelly after watching her response to the mention she got this week on “Jeopardy!”?

It turns out the three super smarties on the panel must have been lefties, or just not big cable news fans. None of them knew her.

“Don’t be fooled, I am huge,” Kelly said, following a hearty laugh.

Kelly showed a clip of the popular TV game show’s three contestants stumped by the question, “‘File’ this blonde anchor & lawyer under Fox News where she hosts a show weekdays from 9-10 pm.”

The down-to-earth darling of conservative news joked with her friends on Monday’s panel about how “there is always something to keep your ego in check.”

To add to the humble pie, one failed attempt to answer the question correctly brought up the name of an annoying shrew-like woman – former CNN host, Nancy Grace.

The class act that she is, Kelly quickly cut off any bashing of Grace by her fellow panelists (anyone who has watched Grace more than 60 seconds can relate to the strong urge to bash) .

“My mom and my Nana got a kick out of it. That’s all that really matters,” Kelly said with a smile.

Michele Kirk


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