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MSNBC’s Al Sharpton finds 215 ways to cry race last year

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To the surprise of a very few, America’s premier race hustler frequently talks about racism.

According to a Media Research Center analysis, MSNBC host Al Sharpton said “race,” “racism” or “racist” 215 times in 2013 during his show, “Politics Nation.”

“Look, you don’t hire Sharpton for his razor-sharp statistical analysis,” reporter Katie Yoder wrote. “His hard-won understanding of the burdens of governing, or his deep acquaintance with history and philosophy.”

Everything looks like a nail when a man is holding a hammer, Yoder pointed out.

Sharpton, a so-called Baptist minister, runs the National Action Network, a civil rights organization based in Harlem, which stands to benefit every time he stirs racial animosity — which is often.

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When hired by the network, Sharpton was told he could continue his activism, providing he discussed it on a case by case basis. In a 2012 interview with The Associate Press, MSNBC chief executive Phil Griffin said Sharpton has met that requirement.

“From opposition to the Obama agenda to guns and even into fashion and food, Sharpton’s finely tuned nose for racism rarely took a day off last year,” Yoder added.

Ironically, after getting off to a rocky start at the network — “Resist we much” — Sharpton has been the calm in the storm compared to the antics of many of his fellow hosts at MSNBC.

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