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Megyn Kelly, Allen West on Robert Gates’ criticism of WH leadership

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Comments in a recently-released book cast doubt on President Obama’s leadership and became the subject of an interview with former Congressman Allen West on Fox News Tuesday.

Robert Gates wrote a book critical of both President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Gates served as defense secretary under both George W. Bush and Obama.

West felt that the reason al-Qaida forces recently overran Fallujah is a lack of a status of forces agreement at the close of hostilities in Iraq, which resulted in a vacuum filled by Iran and extremist forces.

“You have to have a trust as a commander-in-chief with those generals on the ground,” West said.

It’s “the difference between a politician as opposed to a leader.”

West noted that Obama “is looking for the sound bite and the short-term political objective.”

Watch the interview from Fox News.


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