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Locals frustrated over Michelle’s extended sleepover at Oprah’s

Michelle Obama eats junk
Photo Credit: Freedom Outpost

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The public continues to pick up the tab for President Obama’s “birthday gift” to the first lady — but this time it’s the local residents who are groaning, not the American taxpayer.

Michelle Obama’s extended Hawaiian vacation and move to Oprah Winfrey’s compound has done little but exacerbate the “Queen of Talk’s” already strained relationship with her neighbors.

Heightened security in the area turns what was once a quick 10-minute run to the store into an occasion to take along provisions, and “is making day-to-day life almost impossible,” wrote TMZ.

According to TMZ:

The owner of nearby Goble’s Flower Farm tells us … security checkpoints have been set up on the roads … blocking customers from shopping there.

Other business owners complain they can’t stock their shelves because road closures have screwed up their deliveries.

A worker at Grandma’s Maui Coffee tells us, employees are arriving VERY late to work.

Photo Credit: TMZ

And it’s not just businesses that are being interrupted — fun and recreation are also affected with local hiking trails shut down for the first lady.

And what do the locals get in return? Not much, as it turns out, even those privileged few who are actually invited over for her 50th birthday celebration. Guests have been told to eat before attending her “Snacks & Sips & Dancing & Dessert” celebration, according to the New York Daily News.

Apparently, she doesn’t want to be bothered with actually feeding people. After all, it’s really all about her, isn’t it?

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