Florida, S.C. attorney generals formally demand meeting with Sebelius over Obamacare fraud

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi and her counterpart in South Carolina want to hear directly how the Obama administration plans to protect consumers from identity theft and other potential fraud related to Obamacare.

According to an Associated Press report  out of Columbia, S.C., Bondi and South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson wrote to President Obama asking him to set up a meeting between attorneys general and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.

pambondi0108The formal request to the White House was necessary, Bondi and Wilson wrote, because Sebelius has ignored earlier communications.

“Due to the lack of response to the multitude of concerns shared with your Administration by numerous states over the last several months, we are requesting you to direct Secretary Sebelius to meet with the concerned attorneys general to address those issues,” the letter states.

Tuesday’s letter is the first direct communication between the Republican attorneys general and the White House, AP reported.

An Aug. 8 letter to Sebelius signed by 13 attorneys general – including Wilson and Bondi – demanded that Sebelius answer questions about protecting Americans’ personal identification collected as part of Obamacare enrollment.

In particular, the AGs wanted more information about how so-called “navigators” – government counselors who are supposed to assist those trying to enroll in Obamacare – were screened for employment, trained and monitored.

In September, Wilson testified before Congress that Obamacare will be “a con-man’s all-you-can-eat buffet overflowing with a gold mine of sensitive information” vulnerable to abuse.

If the name “Wilson” and South Carolina rings a bell, it should.

Alan Wilson is the adopted son of U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson, R-S.C., who famously shouted “you lie” at Obama while the president addressed a joint session of Congress trying to push the then-nascent health-care reform bill.

Joe Wilson, of course, was criticized at the time by pundits and politicians from both parties and apologized for the outburst.

In December, Obama’s oft-repeated statement that Americans who liked their health insurance would be able to keep their health insurance under Obamacare was named Politifact’s “lie of the year.”

The president hasn’t apologized yet.

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Joe Saunders

Joe Saunders, a 25-year newspaper veteran, is a staff writer and editor for BizPac Review who lives in Tallahassee and covers capital and Florida politics. Email Joe at [email protected].


40 thoughts on “Florida, S.C. attorney generals formally demand meeting with Sebelius over Obamacare fraud

  1. dennam says:

    Anyone with HALF a brain knew Joe Wilson was right and apologized only because of peer pressure from the RINO’s in power. Well, his detractors have proven that they are only “Democrat Lite” and I stand with his assertion. Obama is a lying traitorous villain.

    1. abasslinelow says:

      A lying, traitorous villain. Dramatic much? And what does that make Nixon?

      1. what does Nixon have to do with it? he didn’t lie to Joe Wilson and he didn’t lie to me! Fool!

        1. plsilverman says:

          “Joe Wilson”? the guy who did not deliver what the slam dunkerz needed to lie us into War in Iraq?

          1. if you’re referring to WMD’s, you may want to take a good look at Syria and ask yourself where they got the sarin.
            also I was IN Iraq. I saw barrels of mustard gas in the bunkers we cleared.., another WMD so don’t bring that lame crap to me.

          2. plsilverman says:

            not so fast, smarty pantz….of course materials were moved around. when we did opur “pre-emptive” strike there was NOT ENOUGH SUCH MATERIAL to justify a pre-emptive strike. interesting that instead of coming back we STAYED against Bush II’s philosophy of nation building and changed the mission to FREE IRAQ. You think we should stay there? no “lame crap” at all. But thanks for your excellent service.

          3. well I guess that you were with us when 2nd acr went into Iraq and Kuwait. you were there when we called in the chem NBC guys (nuclear, biological/chemical, not the news service. they wouldn’t talk to us) to clear out the bunkers because one of our guys got burned before he identified the contents of the barrels.
            I guess you were there when we found the delivery systems too.
            You also forgot that democrats voted to go into Iraq also and with the full blessing of the UN because Hussain had violated the terms of his cease fire accord many times over.
            I guess you forget the first free elections Iraq had and the dancing in the street from folks with blue thumbs from where they’d voted.

            why don’t you shut your lying, whoreson mouth.

          4. plsilverman says:

            I don’t care for your language…you’d never say it to my face, believe me. okay, so want the world to believe we NEEDED a pre-emptive strike? is that what you want?? 🙂 >>> so Hussein violated the rules…did that necessitate 4, 5k American deaths and perhaps 100,000 Iraqi civilians? keep calm..have a nice lemonade.

          5. plsilverman says:

            >>>>>what in holy hell does the fact that the Libs believed the initial intel’ mean? nothing. the intel’ was wrong…proven wrong. the War was hoaxed by the slam dunkers in the oval office on behalf of Cheney’s ex-employer. when we got too close to actually capturing a relative of the Bin Ladens, tight buddies with the Bushes, we switched to Iraq. a crime against humanity. read the Vincent Bugliosi book, THE PROSECUTION OF GEORGE W. BUSH FOR MURDER.

          6. also, don’t thank me for something you’re not really thankful for. it’s an affront to the actual sacrifices that me and mine have made.
            I look today and see our best and brightest hamstrung by the rules of engagement. they’re killed before they can get permission to fight because of that son of a bastard in the white house.
            YOU did that. YOU and every person that thought America was making ‘history’ by voting in a self inflated baboon who’s only experience was picking his nose and lying about where he came from.
            do I sound angry? I’m way beyond angry.

          7. plsilverman says:

            “baboon”? I don’t care for that and neither does most of America. I know for a fact he was born in Hawaii, I am neighbors with a co-worker and friend of Sr. Obama.She was with him when a messenger came to his office and said he now had a son born in Hawaii, named Barack. He was not born in Kenya. sorry. (and , no, he did not use someone else’s soc. sec. card until the # was given to him, after a Conn. resident erroneously received TWO cards. got it?). thank U.
            If U thought Bush and Cheney were great, well….
            hamstrung? by Obama? how? the war in Iraq started in *2003* and immediately Cheney and Rumsfeld went out of their way to mess up the soldiers and what they expected to accomplish. Obama got us out of Iraq ahead of schedule and I assume most of the returning soldiers were happy – esp. knowing they would not be called for a 9th tour.
            Colin Powell himself learned that the mission was a fraud…he was disgusted to learn he read “junk” to the world to justify another gift to the defense contractors.
            Obama enlisted the seals to get Bin Laden – he actually identified the spot BL was found, as far back as the debates in 2008! He got more Al Caeda in one yr.. than W. did in 8.

      2. acers2 says:

        Compared to you, that makes President Nixon, a real brain. He was President, what’s your claim to fame in life? Douch e Bag?

        1. Bryan Mayor B Kroelinger says:

          I know you are, but what am I? God this “conversation” is so childish

          1. acers2 says:

            What are you talking about? Child conversation?
            Why the h ell did you join it then?

          2. Bryan Mayor B Kroelinger says:

            So I could tell you how childish is was, obviously.

          3. acers2 says:

            Get help and take your meds.

        2. plsilverman says:

          I’ll take Nixon over Lincoln. When the spirit moved him, he was astonishingly good.

    2. plsilverman says:

      name one lie Obama and give you “pre-emptive strike was necessary in Iraq” to make Obama’s SLIGHTLY misleading statement look like a twinkie.

      1. dude, we’re out of Iraq now. all you can do it sit there and whine about bush.
        he hasn’t been in office for the last 2 terms. meanwhile 92 million people don’t have a job, Al Queda is stronger than ever and your pal is giving Iran 4 billion dollars for it’s nuclear research.
        The biggest lie of the century? “if you like your plan, you can keep your plan…period”.
        lying liars who lie.

        1. plsilverman says:

          nah. my POINT > no need for a pre-emptive strike there and no need to stay > despite what Halliburton wants. that’s all. Obama inherited two unfunded wars, one a hoax. Al Caeda is not as strong as ever, no way. the Seals got BL and his 20 computers – Obama nailed 22 (at least) of his thug buddies and they are fairly well done in A. that’s the way it is. Re. Iran > another subject – ya got me. we are giving them 4 billion so as to burn us?? >>>>liez, liez, liez > you guys want his statement to be a lie, when it really is an unfortunate somewhat misleading statement: it is a FACT that if the greedy, miserable holders of INDIVIDUAL policies had accepted and incorporated the grandfather clause in ACA, all is well. they did what they always do: drop, cap and limit. no? LIE, my foot. just for perspective, wanna go down the Reagan and Bush II laundry list?

          1. Reagan? Bush? one president hasn’t been in office for 20 years! LOL!!!

            why don’t you blamecast elsewhere. your half white president has proved himself to be a scrub.

            Even Jimmy Carter called him incompetent. that’s pretty bad because Carter’s widely hailed as the worst president ever.
            ROFL!!! Not anymore, I guess.

          2. plsilverman says:

            “half white” meanz what, pal? sounds racially charged to me. should I report that? 🙂 Your opinion he’s a scrub. was voted in twice despite the TP’s effort at Voter Suppression, not just in swing states. You say Reagan was 20 [30?]years then source a guy from 1976. funny. Obama is the most blamed for other peoples leftovers than anyone. He was blamed for the 11+ trillion $$$ debt left to him..gthe blamed for all the Foxnews-concocted scandals like IRS, Bengnazi, AP….zero proof a trail to 1600.,..,>>>from 01-20-09 he had the most Obstructionist House in history to block his infrastructure bills, even block his approx. 4 trillion $$$ deficit reduction package; had Red states returning strimulus $$$ and raiding production companies , sending the Americans to the unemployment line, and thei jbs overseas, while dudes like Ronmney pocket 1 million on the hostile takeover (and send THAT to Switzerland). ACA was very similar to Bush II’s pla, enlisted EIGHT Romneycare experts, and sourced the Heritage Foundation and the 1993 GOP plan. it attempts to cover the same 48,000,000 taxpayers the Bush II plan identified. Obama also had the nerve to implement the TARP and bring GM back to #1. I know that doesn’t count because GM is unionized. worst President in history? Carter? never. he left on etrillion in debt. REagan left 2.6 trillion. raised taxes 11 times. Violated the Boland amendment and let a War Hero hold the bag; he plans a trip to a Nazi cemetery; fires 11k airtraffic controllers when he could have fired the leaders and docked the pay of the rest; he gave away half the country to England and japan and hired Regan to turn Wall Street into a Casino and bring about the crashes of ’87 and ’08. he refused to divest of South Africa.>>>>Bush II? letting his VP play commander in chief? should I go on?>. But if U use expressions like “half white” I can sense where your head is at, politically, or socially. Is “full White” preferable to “half White”? 🙂

    3. plsilverman says:

      name one Obama “lie”. and no referring to Roger Ailes memo cards.

      1. If you like your health care plan, you can keep your healthcare plan, period.

        I will close Gitmo by the end of my first term

        I did not have sexual relations with that woman (oh wait, that was the last democrat president…there’s a pattern here)

        The attack on the embassy was a result of an inflammatory youtube video

        dude, I got plenty more..

  2. JoeGoldner says:

    There is no security on the Obamacare website and millions of people will lose their identity because of it. We need to hold every democrat especially Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Obama responsible for this disaster.

    1. plsilverman says:

      “no security”? how do you know that? 🙂

      1. JoeGoldner says:

        I know because of the testimony from experts at the congressional hearings. There is no security at the Obamacare website.

        1. acers2 says:

          100% right JoeG. Anyone going to that site deserves to be spammed or worst. I myself, can’t wait for the libs to start screaming about their info being stolen.

          1. plsilverman says:

            what is “no security”?…on all the exchanges? Ok..I’m willing to learn..I’ll check out what you are saying.

          2. acers2 says:

            Had you listened to the hearings, you would know the answer. Plus, many places to get the info on internet.

          3. plsilverman says:

            Okay. Thanks.

          4. acers2 says:

            You’re welcome. 🙂

          5. acers2 says:

            I believe you can find the info on at cspan dot org. two committee hearings on Jan 16th.,. on Healthcare….gov data security and Healthcare…..gov site security.. plsilverman.

  3. adnawsr says:


    1. plsilverman says:

      aw, isn’t that cute? the giverz and the takerz! except the TAKERS send all their $$$$ to the GIVERZ and they send it to Switzerland. PLUS those darn takerz: fighting all those manufactured by the GOP wars.

  4. Art Hock says:

    That meeting would be a waste of time as that idiot Sebelius doesn’t even know the time of day. Just like most of the people who Obama has appointed and follows his bidding.

  5. cmjay says:

    Obamacare website – is like the TARGET fiasco in STEROIDS. It is the HACKER’S WET DREAM.

  6. Lucktoday says:

    Not enough Republicans make enough noise about all these Obama Administration lies, Joe was right and shouldn’t have apologized.

  7. plsilverman says:

    “….Obama care fraud”? 🙂 interesting phraseology”! ACA fraud or the kind of fraud investigation that should have been used pre-ACA, when the insurers defrauded precondition taxpayers?. nice hardcore negative propaganda. guess what? ACA is the law and was based upon Romneycare (8 Romneycare experts helped write ACA).>>>Obama “Lie”? or was he saying that you can keep your own if your Individual providers use the ACA grandfather clause. but you guyz are obviously shills for the healthcare bigs.

    1. Bryan Mayor B Kroelinger says:

      It’s no use Phil, you are talking to a group of, as John McCain puts is, “Wacko Birds”. They don’t care about truth or reality, can only focus on the negative and simply HATE Obama and “liberals”. You might as well shout your words into a toilet and flush it. You are wasting time and energy on these fools.

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