Famous weatherman blasts global warming ‘geniuses’ for polar vortex ‘lunacy’

The sudden attention on the “polar vortex” of frigid air driving temperatures down across much of the country, a result of global warming according to one CNN meteorologist, prompted weather forecaster Joe Bastardi to discredit such “lunacy.”

An outspoken critic of global warming and a frequent guest on the O’Reilly Factor, Bastardi turned to Twitter to have his say, as captured by Twitchy:

For the record, “AGW” means anthropogenic, or man-made, global warming. As the theory goes, carbon dioxide, or co2, is a driving factor behind climate change.

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But Bastardi was just getting warmed up — pardon the pun – as he pulled out the dreaded weather charts to make his point:

The never-shy Bastardi then blasted meteorologists who say otherwise, and even pulled Rush Limbaugh into the fray — El Rushbo said Monday that the polar vortex was created to tie the current record cold weather to the global warming agenda:

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Tom Tillison


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