Chilling Canadian warning to US: Gun registration has begun, confiscation not far behind

A Canadian news commentator has a warning for his American friends: Now that the United States has begun gun registration, get ready for gun confiscation.

Brian Lilley, the Sun News host of Byline, traded hyperbole for history to make his case. But he didn’t use Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia or Communist China as examples, as one would expect.

He used the more-recent history of freedom-loving Canada — his own country, where registration quickly led to confiscation.

He predicted the same for us, despite statistics showing that as gun ownership rises, gun violence drops.

“It’s not about the guns,” he said. “It’s about the control.”

Watch the commentary from Sun News.

Libs rejoice: Long lines, frustration mark Connecticut gun registration

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1,016 thoughts on “Chilling Canadian warning to US: Gun registration has begun, confiscation not far behind

  1. Craig Stewart Files says:

    The name of the website is “Discus”. There should be no trolls. I am from The South and was taught that if you cannot express yourself more intelligently, then do not speak at all. Get some manners and expand your vocabulary past playground name calling.

  2. The AntiMan says:

    They will make their moves, and many of us will make ours. Draw the cards and we’ll see how things pan out.

    1. Redbullisyummy says:

      I agree. We WILL defeat the Taliban!

      1. The AntiMan says:


  3. Hitched says:

    In a related story – from Dallas, Texas – we see how an active, vigorous self-defense saves lives and property:

    1. Jim says:

      Making up for all the dead kids.? let me know when you get to the number.

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