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Sean Hannity’s list: ‘Conservative solutions’ to reverse America’s overwhelming decline

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Fox News’ host Sean Hannity was back from the holiday break armed with a list of “conservative solutions” he believes will help put America back on track and “reverse the overwhelming American decline,” saying no more can liberals criticize conservatives for only “bashing,” but never offering up their own fixes.

On Monday, Hannity published the first article in a new series called “Conservative Solutions Caucus 2014” on his website that outlined “conservative solutions” for America’s ailing economy.

Photo: The Sean Hannity Show
Photo: The Sean Hannity Show

During his show Monday evening, Hannity summarized for viewers the steps he believes he believes would have an “immediate” impact on reversing the “unsustainable” path the country is on – from the economy, to Obamacare, to energy, to the border.

Here is the outline of Hannity’s conservative solutions on the issues:

The “penny plan”: take a penny out of every dollar the government spends every year for six years.

Balanced budget Amendment: we need conservatives who will say ‘no’ to “any and all deficit spending.”

Limit on tax liabilities: limit how much the government can take from you – “hardworking Americans.”

Finding sources of energy right here in America.

Obamacare: offer individual healthcare saving accounts.

Establish term limits: 6 years in Congress, 12 years in the Senate. “We need fresh blood.”

School choice: freedom and competition needed to save our kids from the failing schools.

Secure the borders.

Listen to Hannity discuss in detail these conservative solutions here via Fox News.


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