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Original ‘Lone Survivor,’ Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell speaks out about the film

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Former Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell, said the movie based on his experience as the “Lone Survivor” struck the right balance in portraying his 2005 mission in Afghanistan.

Luttrell was the only one on a four-man reconnaissance team to survive an ambush by Taliban fighters while pursuing an al-Qaida leader with suspected ties to Osama bin Laden.

The movie features Mark Wahlberg as Luttrell, who authored the book on which the film is based. Luttrell told Fox News’ Bill Hemmer on Monday that he understands that in movies sometimes “there’s some stuff that gets dropped and stuff has to be switched around.” But overall, he said, it “achieved that balance.”

Hemmer asked Luttrell if he ever stops to wonder why he was the one who survived.

“I don’t ever dwell on that,” Luttrell said. “[If] you sit and think about stuff like that, think about your buddies dying, think about why I was the one that made it, you’ll drive yourself crazy. So I kinda put that behind me and push forward.”

Luttrell was shot in the leg, cracked three vertebrae and still has shrapnel embedded in both legs as a reminder of his mission.

Watch the interview here via Fox News:


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