Original ‘Lone Survivor,’ Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell speaks out about the film

Former Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell, said the movie based on his experience as the “Lone Survivor” struck the right balance in portraying his 2005 mission in Afghanistan.

Luttrell was the only one on a four-man reconnaissance team to survive an ambush by Taliban fighters while pursuing an al-Qaida leader with suspected ties to Osama bin Laden.

The movie features Mark Wahlberg as Luttrell, who authored the book on which the film is based. Luttrell told Fox News’ Bill Hemmer on Monday that he understands that in movies sometimes “there’s some stuff that gets dropped and stuff has to be switched around.” But overall, he said, it “achieved that balance.”

Hemmer asked Luttrell if he ever stops to wonder why he was the one who survived.

“I don’t ever dwell on that,” Luttrell said. “[If] you sit and think about stuff like that, think about your buddies dying, think about why I was the one that made it, you’ll drive yourself crazy. So I kinda put that behind me and push forward.”

Luttrell was shot in the leg, cracked three vertebrae and still has shrapnel embedded in both legs as a reminder of his mission.

Watch the interview here via Fox News:


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Cheryl Carpenter Klimek

Cheryl Carpenter Klimek

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Cheryl Carpenter Klimek


9 thoughts on “Original ‘Lone Survivor,’ Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell speaks out about the film

  1. Chris D says:

    I have to admit, I was very excited to see what was portrayed as a great movie…IT WAS TERRIBLE. If the NAVY SEALS actually operate that way, my GOD, no wonder there are needless casualties. The whole premise of the movie is based on a terrible decision to reveal themselves behind enemy lines. They should have all survived. Besides Mark Wallburg (who used to be a boy band type), the seal are portrayed like Nsync or the backstreet boys

    1. Dodi kal says:

      It was a great movie, you have to read the book also, they had to leave so much out.
      Survival is what they want, but the enemy is there and they are brutal, we have to praise or military, mistakes sometimes but that is in every form. They cannot and I wish they could, win every battle. But I thank them for their sacrifices so we can live free.

      1. Chris D says:

        I too thank them for their sacrifices, completely. I just did not like the movie. The idea they would obey rules of engagement when they were discussing what WOULD happen if they released them is nuts. On the battlefield you fight for your brothers, not the command, nothing else. That and the scenes of them falling down the mountains was ridiculous, just stupid. If hollywood wanted to do our men some good, and bring light to the truth of whats going on, they would do a movie about seal team 6 and their deaths and the coverup that has followed. For background info check out “nation press club cspan Micheal strange”….this is the story of the team that killed bin laden and then were all killed in very a suspicious way

        1. Darlene King says:

          For your consideration Chris, I have 2 questions that will never be answered.
          Why were only 4 men sent on that OP?
          Did command NOT know how large the Taliban presence was in the area? If not, then why not?
          Question 2. If they had by chance been able to eliminate the target, how would they have gotten out of there with the extraction team 30 minutes away and the Apache gunships sent to another location? The Taliban forces would have reacted in exactly the same way. This much I know from military people. You obey your superiors without question. On the battlefield you STILL follow orders.

    2. Darlene King says:

      Did you miss the first part of the movie where they discussed the fact that if they breached “The Rules of Engagement” they would all be subject to court martial? It’s perfectly alright with the liberal left if you die, just don’t break the rules of engagement. Is there any other country in the world that has those rules? Just take another look at the message the military wants to convey. It is a miracle that Marcus is alive otherwise no one would have ever known about yet another “failed” mission. No proof but I think Walhberg was chosen to play Marcus because of his success in the movie “Sniper” that has made him a box office draw. There is no way he did that part justice.

    3. armdog971 says:

      Chris D, have you ever served? if you have then you are entitled to your opinion, I served in a combat zone and you do obey the rules of engagement whether you like them or not, if you haven’t served then I suggest you keep your opinions to yourself about how men and women react in combat.

      1. Grumpy Marine Doc says:

        Dead on …Brother

        1. Chile says:

          Cmon dont drag the issue of who s at fault..at the end it is about brotherhood that someone will die for you and that in the middle of totally strange places someone will save you the least you expected..for God’s sake!

    4. Chile says:

      look whose perfectly talking? Cant u see how it ends?

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