Former WH official admits obvious to CNN: Obama’s not good at governing

obama the community organizer

Obama the Community Organizer
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You don’t usually hear someone from inside President Obama’s inner circle mention the president’s abysmal lack of experience before taking command of the greatest nation on earth.

But, according to CNN’s Peter Hamby, one former White House official did indeed admit what we already knew: a do-nothing, community organizer from Chicago without a single day of executive experience, whose only accomplishment is being a great campaigner, isn’t going to be a great leader.

“I talked to a former Obama White House person just before Christmas when Obama was sort of adrift, figuring out what to do, is poll numbers were pretty low,” Hamby reported on CNN’s “New Day” Monday.

“He said, ‘Look, the president needs to find an issue to campaign on. This is what he’s good at. He’s really good at campaigning, maybe not governing’ according to this Democrat.”

Watch Hamby’s report here:

H/T: The Weekly Standard

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9 thoughts on “Former WH official admits obvious to CNN: Obama’s not good at governing

  1. SusieQ says:

    I’m sorry, we needed him and CNN to let us know that. No earth shattering news here. Of course no one at CNN or any other MSM zombies will believe this revelation.

  2. bamashades says:

    you dont need experience to be a good AMERICAN, just a good heart and sould, neither one that Obama has. You hire good people, which Obama has, but only out of the same mold that he crawled out of.

    1. Asgard says:

      Who here knew having a Black Man as President would turn people HIS hateful?…THIS guy!

      Funny, where these people when Bushjr. was wrecking the USA? Live in glass
      house, don’t throw stones. The “unnamed source says!

      And look at the racists rushto call this man as Liar. I wonlt deny Obama is a Liar, but what I won’t deny is the blantant hypocrisyof the racist right!

      That’s ok, we have 10,000 “lies, Unconstitutional, Lawbreaking, Corruption, Cronyism, etc.” from the previous Admin to counter. Heck, Dick Cheney breaks 500 in one war. Let alone the two he started with his puppet Bushy.

      Anything like Watergate, Iran Contra, or a 3 trillion dollar war and thousands of Americans dead on a Bush Lie?

      I’m wasting your breath, virtue, integrity and honesty was only discovered and embraced by those on the right on election night 2008

      I actually don’t mind if you have a problem with Obama’s politics – that’s hardly racist. But the birthers whining about his legitimacy to be President is, as they question his very Americanness.

      that it wasn’t right to call President Barack Obama a traitor because he had not done anything to have to be called that!

      Proof positive you are a racist, bigoted black-hating scumbag! Obama is NO Muslim, No Marxist, No Communist, No homosexual. YOu, on the other hand, are a hateful hypocritical racist, bigoted,black-hating gullible scumbag that hates having a Black man as President!

      1. bamashades says:

        thanks Dude, you proved my point

      2. Iron Tub says:

        You seem to forget one thing. Bush is not president anymore. Quit dwelling on the past and get on board for the future. Obama is a traitor , plain and simple. He lied to get in office, he lied to get reelected . The presidential oath is very simple and easy to understand, yet you have a man that does everything in his power to by pass the constitution. Look I realize it is hard for you to admit, the man you put on a pedestal and had so much hope to be able to change the world is a complete failure. But to call people racist because they disagree with his plans to destroy this country , just shows you are unclear what the word racist means. And for your information (as limited as it may be) There are plenty of much more capable black men and women to hold the office. I am sure I am not alone when when i say , I dont care if he is a purple freakin grapefruit. If you cant do the job, you dont belong there. And by the way, I think his white half is a traitor too. Did you forget about that ?

  3. Eric says:

    Obama ran to destroy the country not to govern it. Hes almost completed his job.

  4. galensdad says:

    The usual cretins will defend Obama strictly because he is black. They do not have the requisite brain power to consider the massive failures of his administration.

  5. Defend The Constitution says:

    Hussein Obama’s delusions are dangerous.

  6. Mi Li says:

    Only a liberal can appreciate the job bath house barry has done. Even though he hasn’t even done a dang thing but vacation & golf and oh ye lie about everything.

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