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Brit Hume nails Obama’s call to extend jobless benefits as an admission of failure

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In a supreme act of political humiliation, Brit Hume demonstrated that President Obama’s latest emergency push to extend jobless benefits is little more than an admission of his own policies’ failure.

The Fox News senior political analyst recognized on Monday’s “Special Report” that GOP resistance to extending unemployment benefits may put “Congressional Republicans in a tight spot.” But at the same time, it’s an acknowledgement of the failure by the president and his party.

“We’re now four and a half years into an economic recovery that Democrats keep telling us is getting better all the time, yet, the job market remains so weak, the jobless rate so high that the president considers it an emergency,” Hume reasoned. “Indeed, that is the official name of these extended benefits, emergency unemployment compensation. Normally, unemployment payments run out after 26 weeks, but that was extended five years ago to 99 weeks and has been repeatedly extended since.”

After continuing his analysis, Hume offered his conclusion.

“Upon taking office, the president and the party set two big goals. One was to revive the economy, the other to reform health care,” he said. “The Obamacare mess tells us where we are on one, the call for further unemployment payments tells us where we are on the other.”

Watch the Fox News clip below:


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