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Honorable Utah gun manufacturer praised for refusing to sell guns to Pakistan

Desert Tactical Arms
Photo credit: Desert Tactical Arms Facebook page

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A Utah gun manufacturer passed on a multimillion-dollar contract to sell guns to Pakistan for fear the weapons could land in the hands of al-Qaida.

“The company was founded on the principle of keeping Americans and our allied forces safe,” Desert Tactical Arms sales manager, Mike Davis told KSL TV. “We’re not saying that Pakistan would get the weapons and do anything bad with them, but there’s just a heavy set of unrest over there.”

The contract could have been worth as much as $10 million to the company, which recently changed its name to Desert Tech, according to KSL.

Davis said some of Desert Tech’s employees are veterans who served in the Middle East, prompting an internal discussion about the proposed contract.

“As a business owner, you always want to be successful, but I think ethically and morally, you want to go about it the right way and stick behind your founding principles,” Davis said.

Nick Young, Desert Tech’s founder and president, posted this on the company’s Facebook page:

In 2013 we faced a moral dilemma that I wanted to get some opinions on. The current US administration is sponsoring FMS arms sales to Pakistan forces. In 2013 We had been approached with a multi-million dollar opportunity to legally supply sniper systems to Pakistan. I was never in the armed services but we employ several military veterans. Our greatest fear was that our equipment might be used against US troops. I started this company to protect Americans not endanger them. In consulting with other arms companies the general responses I got was, if they don’t buy it from you, then they will get it somewhere else, or money is money. After much internal review we elected not to sell to Pakistan. I wanted to throw this out to our military friends to see if our concern was legitimate and hear your thoughts on it.

The post has received over 3,300 “likes” and nearly 1,500 comments, many thanking Desert Tech for  its honorable decision.

“[Young] made that decision and he put the post out there, I think, because he wanted to see if he made the right choice,” Davis said. “Sometimes, going with your heart and what you feel about something is the hardest thing to do.”

Watch the report via KSL TV:

H/T: Patriot Outdoor News

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