New Quinnipiac study stops gun-grabbers in their tracks


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A study by Mark Gius, an economist at Quinnipiac University, shows states with restrictive concealed weapons laws had higher gun-related murder rates, and that assault weapons bans had no real impact on murder rates at the state level.

“These results suggest that restrictive concealed weapons laws may cause an increase in gun-related murders at the state level,” Gius wrote in his summary.

Results that will not be well received by gun control advocates.

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The study, published in “Applied Economics Letters,” set out to “determine the effects of state-level assault weapons bans and concealed weapons laws on state murder rates.”

Gius further summarized:

Using data for the period 1980 to 2009 and controlling for state and year fixed effects, the results of the present study suggest that states with restrictions on the carrying of concealed weapons had higher gun-related murder rates than other states. It was also found that assault weapons bans did not significantly affect murder rates at the state level.

“Specifically, the study shows that less restrictive concealed carry laws save lives, while gun control can endanger them,” AWR Hawkins wrote in a review for Breitbart News.

In response to critics, who claim that study’s abstract is insufficient to draw accurate conclusions, Hawkins pointed out that Breitbart News obtained the entire study, adding that “the more we read the more support we found for Gius’ claims.”

Hawkins is a military historian who holds a Ph.D. from Texas Tech University, and also contributes to Pajamas Media and


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  1. theissuesnow says:

    Hello America! Its time to wake up. Protect yourselves. Arm yourselves with truth and knowledge because in truth we are set free!

  2. Rev. Joel says:

    No matter how many times this evidence is provided the Libtards they will refuse to believe it. It just doesn’t fit the agenda.

  3. Keri Green says:

    Libtards can’t handle the truth it’s like throwing holy water on a Demon!

  4. Bozeman says:

    In this related video, yet another reminder of why armed self-defense and the 2nd Amendment are so important:

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