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Eric Holder fighting Little Sisters of the Poor ‘tooth and nail’ over contraception

Photo credit: www.dailymail.co.uk

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One would assume that a lawyer would think twice before suing an order of nuns called the Little Sisters of the Poor, but not Attorney General Eric Holder. Fox News host Megyn Kelly reported that he’s going after them “tooth and nail” on the Friday night edition of “The Kelly Files.”

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor granted an order on Dec. 31 temporarily restraining the federal government from enforcing Obamacare’s contraception mandate against the Denver-based Catholic order of nuns.

Had Holder’s Justice Department done nothing, the government would have eventually been permanently enjoined from enforcing the mandate against the sisters. But the DOJ is digging in its heels on this one, stating that all the nuns have to do is sign a form and their legal problems will go away, according to Fox News.

“That form is actually a permission slip,” Mark Rienzi, lead counsel for the nuns told Kelly. “That form, under federal law, authorizes and directs other people to provide contraceptives, sterilization and abortion-inducing drugs.”

Despite the public relations fiasco of suing an order of nuns who have cared for poor, elderly people for 175 years, some media on the left are siding with the Justice Department. Slate.com talked of “the spectacle of these plaintiffs [the nuns] trying to weasel out of nothing more onerous than signing a piece of paper,” according to Kelly.

If the form means so little, “You have to ask, why is the Justice Department fighting the nuns all the way to the Supreme Court?” asked Rienzi. “Why on Earth is the government threatening them with huge fines?”

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