Megyn Kelly admits spending night in bed with female coworker, hilarity ensues

A winter snowstorm in the Northeast is now breaking news in America, but Fox News’ Megyn Kelly managed to turn a chilly subject hot — as in red hot.

Fox News senior meteorologist Janice Dean appeared on the “Kelly File” Thursday evening to discuss the first major winter storm of 2014, and was reporting on everything that’s being shut down in the New York area in preparation for the storm.

“Does that mean you and I are having another night in bed together?” Kelly piped in to ask Dean.

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Caught somewhat off guard, Dean responded that she was “without words,” except to accurately point out that “we are going to be on YouTube in a few minutes.”

As they both laughed, Kelly explained that during Hurricane Sandy the two women had shared a hotel room.

“I’m happy to say you’re the only female I’ve ever shared a bed with,” Dean interjected.

“We’re godmothers to each other’s children,” Kelly explained to viewers as Dean signed off. “It’s not like that.”

Meanwhile, as the hilarity ensues from the warm confines of the studio, poor Todd Starnes, blanketed in snow, is patiently standing by in the elements for his opportunity to report on conditions!

Tom Tillison


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