School bus drivers disciplined for using two-way radio to pray for co-worker who lost her child

A Houston school district reprimanded several of its bus drivers for misuse of their two-way radios to pray for a co-worker who had lost her child.

The 12-year-old daughter of a driver was struck by a car a few weeks ago while walking home from school, and later died of her injuries, according to Houston ABC affiliate KTRK.

The gtrief-stricken driver’s colleagues rallied to her support. When a supervisor denied a request for a quiet room and a few minutes alone with a counselor, they used a back channel on the buses’ two-way radios to pray for a couple of minutes before continuing on their routes.

“From a parent’s point of view and from a grandparent’s, prayer is the answer,” driver Cynthia Cormier said.

But it also got the drivers in trouble.

“Somebody else heard it and called in and reported it to the administration and they chose to write them up,” Wretha Thomas, with the Educational Support Union, said.

KTRK reported:

At least five drivers had disciplinary letters laced in their personnel files. They were told the use of school equipment for private purposes is a violation of policy.

Tuesday, in front of the HISD administration building, the workers were joined by ministers.
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The union says the drivers were not suspended and they did not lose any pay. However, a note in the file could impact their ability to drive buses during the summer months.

Watch the KTRK news footage below.

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