Obama notes buying a second dog as an accomplishment for 2013


The end of the year is not only a time to resolve to do better in the coming year, but also to reflect on the past year’s accomplishments. President Obama is no different. And included in his list of accomplishments for 2013 is that he bought a second dog, Sunny.

“Over the past few years, a lot has changed — for instance, we’ve doubled the number of dogs in the White House,” he wrote in a fundraising email on Tuesday, according to the Washington Examiner. “I can also count a few more gray hairs.”

Gee, I saved up and bought a new MacBook this year, but I’d never thought of that as an accomplishment. I’m going to have to re-think this whole buying-accomplishment thing. Would buying a new bottle of scotch count as an accomplishment, I wonder?

The president also listed more traditional accomplishments, but he may have been stretching the truth just a tad on those. They include “economic progress, the end of the war in Iraq, the effects of Obamacare and reforming college loans,” the Examiner reported.

On second thought, he may have stretched the truth on those items more than just a tad.

“I can’t wait to see what we’re going to do together in the years to come,” Obama added. Gee, is that a hint that another dog is on the horizon?

“So before the midnight deadline, chip in $10 or more, and let’s go make sure next year is just as productive as the past five have been.”

You knew that one was coming, didn’t you?


14 thoughts on “Obama notes buying a second dog as an accomplishment for 2013

  1. robbiedobbs says:

    I’m sorrry, but Mr. Dorstewitz, what someone considers an accomplishment, is up to that person and that person alone. For example, George Zimmerman being found innocent might be viewed as an accomplishment to some people, while others may view it as a disgrace. My point is, for you to judge another person because of how they view their lives from a personal standpoint shows what kind of a person you are. Can you please tell us some of your accomplishments of 2013? I just think that if you are gonna try and attack Obama (which we know you are), at least attack him for things that matter.

    1. palintologist says:

      Disagree. That Obama has to list the purchase of a second dog as an “accomplishment” goes to show what a waste of Americana and money he is.

    2. kahnavka says:

      We are talking about the President of the Unitedd States of America here, not a 12 year old child with a part time job. He earns on excess of $400, 000 a year and he acrually feels that purchasing a new dog is an accomplishment? You cannot be serious! Or maybe you are on too something, after all, Obamacare is a disaster, his interference 8n the Middle East is a failure, his spending is out of control, he managed to piss off his wife bwcause of his childish behavior at the Mandela memorial service etc, etc, et.
      So pkease firgive me, you are absolutely correct. Purchasing another dog was possibly not just an accomplishment but possibly his only posative accomplshment in 2013.

      1. robbiedobbs says:

        where was the anger when Bush did the countless dumb things that he did?

    3. I believe Mr. Dorstewitz has accomplished more than you have in one month in 2013.

      1. robbiedobbs says:

        well, you are allowed to “believe” whatever you want. Not only that, but if you had actually read my post, you would know the “accomplishments” are defined not uniformly, but by the individual person (that’s part of the whole freedom thing).

    4. IHateLibs says:


  2. Dennis Haidle says:

    I would have thought more of Him if he had adopted a Dog from the local Humane Society. Buying a Dog really not much of an acclompishment.

  3. Ed says:

    Pity da dog!

  4. Ed says:

    What he did was to simply gauge himself by himself.

  5. Callawyn says:

    Can you blame him? His decision to buy Bo and make him First Dog was the only decision he had made that wasn’t an unmitigated disaster. So, why not double down on ‘success’ and get a second dog?

    Five years in office and there’s NOTHING he can believably point to as an ‘accomplishment’ other than these two dogs.

  6. SusieQ says:

    WOW! WOW! WOW! I”m impressed!

  7. Linda Pyle Cothes says:

    An accomplishment of a second (and even the first) dog would have been a REAL accomplishment if Obama had adopted a shelter dog.

  8. IHateLibs says:

    LOL He even Bought NAPPY HEADED DOGS

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