New restaurant registry identifies gun-friendly eateries

In what could be described as a Michelin Restaurant Guide for concealed carry weapon owners, a new pro-gun group is setting up a registry of restaurants where firearms are welcome.

2AO, going by the name 2AO, was created by restauranteur Bryan Crosswhite, according to The Washington Times.

“We want to make it something for business owners who are pro-Second Amendment,” Crosswhite told The Times. “A sticker on the door, just like Zagat [Survey], and that way people who want to do business with pro-Second Amendment companies will automatically connect with those Second Amendment companies.”

In addition to a notice on the door, patrons will be able to find gun-friendly restaurants on the website’s registry, by entering their location on a computer or smart phone. The registry is expected to be up and running sometime this month.

Crosswhite’s own establishment, Cajun Experience in Leesburg, Va., holds what it calls “Open Carry Wednesdays,” in which patrons on those days who possess a concealed or open carry permit get a 10 percent discount.

Crosswhite’s move came after country singer Toby Keith drew national attention after a franchise with his name, “Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill,” posted a “no guns permitted” notice at the door. However, 2AO wasn’t necessarily started in response to that event — it was more out of customer demand.

“People were always asking me: How do we find other Second Amendment supporting businesses?” Crosswhite told TheBlaze. “I was tired of people asking me who they are. I thought it was sad there isn’t a way to locate these businesses.”


Bryan Crosswhite. Photo credit:

However, he still condemns the country star’s eatery chain’s decision.

“It is wrong,” Crosswhite said. “It’s a matter of discrimination. The ban discriminates against people who want to protect their families.”

Both Keith and Crosswhite’s establishments are located in gun-friendly Virginia. According to The Times:

Virginia law states that private property owners also have the right to prohibit guns in their businesses. The law is frequently associated with a statute that took effect in 2010 that allowed Virginia gun owners to carry concealed weapons into businesses where alcohol is served, as long as they don’t drink.

The same year the Virginia law went into effect, Tennessee enacted a law allowing a person carrying a gun to enter a restaurant that serves alcohol unless the owner prohibits that person.

Crosswhite’s intention and guiding principles in establishing 2AO are clearly stated in its website.

“2AO is an organization developed by Second Amendment advocates,” the website states. “The organization supports business owners that support the Second Amendment. The organization puts people together with like minded business owners.”

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41 thoughts on “New restaurant registry identifies gun-friendly eateries

  1. Don Sebold says:

    Great idea…this is what the American spirit is all about…wish they had it in florida

    1. Taddle says:

      In Florida a property owner does not have the right to deny entry to someone with a gun. This is the most pro-gun state in the Union.

      1. RadarRecon says:

        Still hoping Texas will join the open-carry states soon.

        1. Doug says:

          Texas is always in the Dark Ages.

          1. RadarRecon says:

            I guess so. That must be why so many “snow birds” are moving here to get away from Mayor Doomburg and his liberal replacement.

        2. Ulaa says:

          We had protesters marching down the street with assault rifles a couple of months back. Nobody cared.

  2. dan9el says:

    Right now, , the way everything is around lately..when they kill americans oversea,… and they do that here too,…and with the massive amount of local lunatics walking at large ,….you better be armed through the teeth when you go with your family anywhere.

  3. Lance Price says:

    I can understand T.K.’s ban on firearms in his VA. establishment. It’s a matter a liability. Openly carrying customers ARE permitted to drink alcohol, Concealed carry is NOT allowed to drink. Kinda hard to obey the law when you don’t know if someone is carrying.

  4. Liberalism is Nonsense says:

    In this related video we find another example of the type of violent criminals roaming the hallowed ground of these united states:

  5. Frederick Flintstoneisgreat says:

    I want to see the list of those prohibiting guns I wlll be going only to those on that list.

    1. RadarRecon says:

      Hope you have fun there.
      “Gun free zone” = “Criminal safe zone.”

    2. mac12sam12 says:

      Colorado shooter James Holmes went to the only gun free theatre in the city. Criminals don’t obey the law.

      1. Ole Man says:

        So, according to your logic, we don’t need any laws. Let people drive as they want and so forth.

        1. Pat Riot says:

          Nice try, but no, that is not at all what he is saying.

        2. mac12sam12 says:

          I didn’t say we don’t need laws. I said criminals don’t obey them. Did you notice that these murders happen in gun free zones? the criminal aren’t challenged. Fort Hood, Newtown, the Navy yard and the Colorado theatre. All gun free zones. Utopia doesn’t exist libby and never will.

          1. Mr Mike says:

            So just ignore all the places that were not gun-free zones where mass killings occurred. Idiot logic at its finest.

          2. mac12sam12 says:

            If you take away Chicago, New Orleans, Detroit and DC we would be fourth from the bottom in the world in gun crime. Did I mention that have the toughest gun laws in the nation? You are just another progressive moron.

          3. Mr Mike says:

            Said the moron who doesn’t understand that it is a short drive (and in some cases a short subway ride) from those cities to areas with the most lax gun laws in the country.

          4. mac12sam12 says:

            Stupid, 60% of gun crime in this country are black gang members killing each other with illegal guns. Did you ever hear the pie in the sky loon libs talk about disarming criminals? Duh

          5. Mr Mike says:

            Yes, I hear many liberals calling for disarming criminals. Step out of your conservative loony-tune bubble and you would know that. And where do you think those illegal guns come from? They are stolen from “law-abiding, responsible gun owners” who refuse to properly and safely secure their weapons. I’ll add that you are the stupid to think gang members only use illegal guns. Many of them are purchased in bulk in states like Virginia and transported to the cities in the north.

          6. mac12sam12 says:

            I never hear them calling for disarming criminals. Taking my firearms will cut crime? You are another naive liberal. If that’s true about Virginia then that makes them illegal guns. How about addressing the fact that 60% of gun crimes are caused by black gang bangers. 75% grew up without a father in their lives. If law abiding citizens are disarmed, crime will go up, not down. Liberals and their pie in the sky BS. Gun crime since 1994 has gone down as gun ownership has risen. Check out the DOJ/FBI stats.

  6. Doug says:

    This is what we’ve always needed. Food quality, ambiance, and atmosphere take a back seat.

  7. Doug says:

    This is what we’ve always needed. Food quality, ambiance, and atmosphere take a back seat.

  8. Taddle says:

    I have to wonder about a restaurant called Cajun Experience in Leesburg, VA.

    1. Pat Riot says:

      Why is it any different than, say, a Chinese or Italian restaurant?

  9. InklingBooks says:

    2Amendment might want to create iOS and Android apps that can use location to find nearby Second Amendment friendly businesses. And they could point out to the PC gatekeepers lurking around Apple and Google that the app can be used either way, to decide where to eat or to decide where not to eat.

    –Michael W. Perry, Chesterton on War and Peace

  10. TimO says:

    Great idea! Now all we need is a guide that lists those that don’t allow guns. These will help gun owners know where they can eat without fear of attack by “ANOTHER” liberal murdering nutcase, just like “ALL” these recent shooters.

    1. Mr Mike says:

      How about an app that shows all the lightning strikes in the last 10 years. That way you can avoid being struck. Because the odds of getting struck by lightning are much higher than being the victim of a “liberal murdering nutcase”. Idiot.

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