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MSNBC host feels backlash for celebrity-style apology to Romney family

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Two days after MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry and her guests mocked Mitt Romney’s adopted black grandchild, the cable TV host issued an apology on Twitter. But both its manner and substance cast doubt on its sincerity.

On Sunday, Harris-Perry displayed a Romney family portrait in which he’s holding young Kieran Romney on his lap. The Melissa Harris-Perry Show host and her guests found the photo hilarious, and one panelist even implied that Kieran was the Romneys’ token black.

The backlash was swift, prompting Harris-Perry to tweet this apology Tuesday morning:


Who apologizes on Twitter? Isn’t that kind of like breaking up with a girlfriend on Facebook? Then Harris-Perry felt the need to add that cute little hashtag, #MHPapology, which wasn’t lost on anyone. No one was buying it.

ABC News anchor Mike Conneen tweeted:

Another follower noted the hashtag, and replied to Harris-Perry directly:

The apology’s lack of substance didn’t escape notice, either. A Twitter user only identified as S.M. tweeted:

But the real zinger came from actor Adam Baldwin, who tweeted:

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